Monday, February 6, 2023

Epilog – Medical-grade seizure monitoring from the comfort of home

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About 1 in 26 people around the world develop epilepsy at some point during their lifetime. To provide brain health monitoring to everyone from the comfort of home, a medical technology company Epitel has developed a discreet, wearable seizure monitor for people living with epilepsy.

The device called “Epilog” provides people with an accurate record of their seizures, alert people and caregivers when seizures occur, and eventually predict future seizure likelihood.

Epilog specifications
Epilog specifications

Epilog device pairs with users’ smartphones and uses artificial intelligence to predict when a seizure happens, where they happen. The device also has the ability to view brain activity through a mobile app and track sleep quality with accuracy that, according to the company, can often be better than any wrist wearable.

In the hospital, EEG is recorded using bulky machines and head caps that can be uncomfortable to wear in public. This wearable seizure monitor packs EEG technology into a miniature wireless device that can be worn discreetly in public – anytime, anywhere! Besides, it can be worn 24/7, even while you are asleep.

Epilog sticks to your scalp below the hairline with a removable and easy-to-use sticker
Epilog sticks to your scalp below the hairline with a removable and easy-to-use sticker.

Using a removable and easy-to-use sticker, Epilog sticks to your scalp below the hairline. Then simply connect it to the Epilog app, and you are all set to receive personalized seizure reports on your smartphone.

However, the Epilog has yet to be cleared with the FDA as a medical device. Still, if you are interested in this device, you can go to the campaign on Indiegogo, where the company is raising funds for the tech. You will get two Epilog, a charger, stickers, and the Epilog app for ₹25,014 ($350), and the deliveries are planned for July 2020.

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