Wednesday, May 22, 2024

ENERQi: Charge your smartphones through table-top or desks

Technology is developing day by day. It started bringing magic to our life. Have you ever imagined that your smartphones are charging through a table-top or any desk at your home?

After 3-years of research, the ENERQi company has developed ENERQi, an invisible wireless charger. It turns any piece of furniture at your home or office into a fast-wireless charging station.

A Qi wireless mobile charger that takes us one step closer to true wireless charging. It does not require any huge or bulky construction.

You just need to plug in the wireless charger using its USB-C to the fast-power adaptor. Simply, mount it under the surface of your table, desk or any furniture and it will charge the phone on the surface. Sounds astonishing!

ENERQi comes with the reusable adhesive mount which helps you to mount it on any surface effortlessly. Or you can also screw it under the table permanently.

ENERQi: turns the table-top into wireless charger
ENERQi: turns the table-top into a wireless charger

It is the true Plug-n-Play device. Our wi-fi routers are hidden away and it allows you to enjoy wi-fi on the go. Just like that ENERQi makes it possible to hide your wireless charger under your table, while your phone charges on the surface.

Plus, you no longer need to struggle for long cables. Just put your smartphone anywhere on the table where you have mounted the ENERQi, and it starts charging automatically.

One important feature you would like to know is ENERQi can charge up to 10W quickly.

Qi magnetic resonance technology achieved the distance of transmitting the power from 7-9mm to 40mm. And ENERQi uses this next generation Qi technology, which is the base of this gadget.


Using ENERQi, the phones can be charged through any organic surface, such as wood, granite, marble, glass, quartz, plastic. Moreover, your smartphone can also charge through thick cases, and pop sockets. But the only requirement is the conducting distance should not be more than 35mm.

As ENERQi is a Qi wireless mobile charger, it can charge all current wireless charging smartphones, including flagship Apple and Android devices out of the box.