Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Energica develops a lighter, more efficient electric motor for motorcycles

Energica presents EMCE, the new electric motor – created in co-engineering with the Italian company Mavel – for its entire range of electric performance motorcycles. Thanks to the new motor, the entire range will now get significant upgrades in power and efficiency, with an impressive weight drop to boot.

The launch of EMCE was scheduled for 2022, but following the difficulties in the supply chain due to the global pandemic situation, the company decided to accelerate development and launch the EMCE motor and inverter early.

The new EMCE (Energica Mavel Co-Engineering) motor boosts power up to a peak of 126 kW (169 hp) at 8,500 rpm and with a liquid-cooling method that guarantees greater performance. Energica motorcycles will now be lighter by 10 kg, with a relative increase in range of 5-10% according to riding style.

To achieve those power and efficiency gains, the partnership worked on a number of innovations in the new motors. The rotor and stator of the motor have an “innovative geometry that minimizes energy losses and maximizes performance.” The uniformity of the torque delivered and the optimization of the weights make the engine unique in terms of power and torque density and allow the optimization of production processes.

Its adaptive control algorithms ensure that the inverter is always able to operate the system as efficiently as possible. The electric motor also includes patented sensors capable, among other things, of collecting and storing the operating data of the motor to predict the onset of any mechanical failure.

The use of a liquid cooling system allows for better thermal conditioning of the motor and the inverter, which translates into the ability to work with greater torque and power density which, even with a smaller volume and lighter motor, leads to greater acceleration. Among the refinements reported, there is an improvement in handling.

The transition from oil cooling to liquid cooling of the EMCE motor is a further demonstration of the technological advances which, year after year, contribute to the successes of Energica Motor Company S.p.A.