Friday, February 23, 2024

Emergency Bikes, an eBike designed to help emergency responders move faster

French electric mobility company Ecox Enterprises has partnered with creative Wunderman Thompson Paris agency to launch Emergency Bikes, a new electric bike designed to help emergency room physicians move around the city faster than any other vehicle. The first fleet of Emergency Bikes was deployed in early September.

The Emergency Bikes have been designed and custom made exclusively for doctors on emergency calls. The e-bike has a 150-liter insulated storage box for carrying medications, is built with an aluminum frame. To warn of its presence, it incorporates a 140 dB horn and long-range LED lighting. Besides, it includes other high-tech components such as a GPS tracker that locates your position in real-time and a USB port for powering portable devices. It also incorporates large anti-puncture tires to avoid unexpected surprises and tires with reflective stripes to increase your visibility in traffic.

Emergency Bike Features.
Emergency Bike Features. Credit: Ecox

The electric motor located in the bottom bracket hub is capable of transmitting up to 75 Nm to the rear wheel. It is powered by two 500-Wh lithium batteries, capable of providing an electric-assisted pedaling range of up to 160 km (99 miles). No information is provided regarding maximum speed in assisted pedaling and engine power – from the official website, they say that the Emergency bikes can be customized according to needs but nothing more.

Adrien Mancel and Paul-Emile Raymond, Creative Directors of Wunderman Thompson Paris, explain the advantages that this type of vehicle offers in emergency situations. Able to carry complete medical equipment, sneak into the huge traffic, and park more easily, Emergency Bikes allows doctors to reach the intervention sites twice as quickly and even more quickly in the event of a strike or an incident on the road. It is an environmentally friendly vehicle that also allows doctors to work in the best conditions.

For his part, Mathieu Froger, CEO of Ecox, believes that in the current pandemic situation, with Parisians turning to their private cars to get around instead of taking public transport, this vehicle will be of great use in the face of the large traffic jams. The creators hope that this experience will be successful and soon spread to other cities around the world.

Since its launch with the doctors of the Paris Medical Emergencies, Ecox has already received dozens of requests from other emergency services to create new Emergency Bikes tailored to their needs.