Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ember: Pocket stove with fire vortex

Want to enjoy the fire and food outdoor then you have hit the right page. Singapore-based designers intended to evolve the way of cooking outdoors and pull out more fun out of it. So, they made it unusually simple with ‘Ember Stove”.

Built of premium 304 Stainless Steel, Ember Stove is exceptionally strong, resistant to high temperature and built tiny to even fit in your pocket. To cook your meal fast and proper that too outside your home, just have this ultra-compact stove with vortex efficiency. It is actually designed for easy storage and usage with excellent heating performance.

Whatever is your adventure destination from trekking to the road trip, Ember will serve your favorite dish anytime, anywhere. It can handle all your cooking needs with extensively efficient vortex flame. This flame allows concentrated heating at high temperature.

You can clean this stove easily with soap, water, and a mildly abrasive sponge. In addition, setup of this exceptional stove is easy just stack Ember Stove and start cooking.

After going through the years of efforts, countless sketches and prototypes during testings, Ember gives maximum cooking efficiency. This is all possible with Ember Stove’s ultra-efficient vortex chamber and exceptionally curated air vents to allow constant airflow at high temperatures.

How Ember works
How Ember works

A team explained its working as, “Initially, cool air enters from bottom vents to be heated up. Pre-heated air is channeled upwards into the vortex chamber to fuel a fire vortex. Fire vortex concentrates heat upwards to the cooking platform.”

Ember is designed thoughtfully with a 3-prong cooking platform to use various pots and pans. Also, a 3-point elevation base that to stabilize the stove during use. What you will need to ignite Ember is twigs, sticks and other flammables around. Its highly efficient vortex flame to reduce smoke produced during cooking. It will eventually save the environment since it uses only wood, not gas.

Ember features
Ember features

It heats up food instantly up to 106°C. Looking like a miniature dog bowl Ember Stove is of a diameter 10 cm (3.9 in) and a height of 3.5 cm (1.4 in) when packed up. It houses a separate upper component that can be pulled out and attached on top and a three-pronged cooking platform to hold pots and pans.

An ultra-compact stove with “fire vortex” to serve tasty food outdoor. Ignite it instantly, set up easily and enjoy dish up tasty meals on the go. You need is a handful twigs and sticks and ditch your bulky canisters.