Forget laxatives, new electronic pill will literally shake the shit out of you

Vibrant Capsule
Vibrant Capsule

Constipation is a condition of the digestive system where an individual has hard feces that are difficult to expel. In most cases, this occurs because the colon has absorbed too much water from the food that is in the colon.

In constipation, patients are usually asked to have fiber-rich breakfast cereal. Now, a startup in Israel has discovered a way that will surely treat your constipation, err, and blockages.

The startup has come up with an electronic pill dubbed as the Vibrant capsule, that promises a chemical-free and safe treatment.

The vibrant capsule works by vibrating inside the GI tract, thereby inducing peristalsis, the muscular contractions that take place as your waste is moved through the digestive tract toward the rectum.

This electronic capsule is controlled by an algorithm, predefined by Vibrant’s R&D team and gastroenterologists. The capsule is activated by a base unit that transfers the data to the capsule.

The capsule operates inside the large intestine and is washed out of the body with the bowel movement. It meets the highest safety standards, using biocompatible materials.

Two randomized sham-controlled studies were performed in nearly 250 patients with chronic constipation using single or multiple vibrations per day. In both trials, subjects took five capsules per week, on five separate days.

Patients receiving Vibrant capsules had significantly greater bowel movements than [the] sham group. Specifically, scientists noted that Vibrant augments normal colonic biorhythm, and the increased bowel movements coincided with, or around the time of, Vibrant activation.

The mean increase in the number of spontaneous bowel movements (SBM) per week was 1.6 SBM/week (the average number of SBM/week went from 2.19 at baseline to 3.79). 88.5% of patients showed effective relief of constipation without any side effect or safety concern.