Thursday, April 18, 2024

An Electronic Heated hoodie by Devacci

Most of us love wearing Hoodie every time we exercise. There are many benefits to wearing a Hoodie. Some of them are- it makes you feel secure and eliminates the reasons to stare when you are working out. Also, it lets you hands-free, as it comes with pockets that you can use to keep your accessories like a key, mobile, valet, etc. It also helps you sweat more.

The inventors and designers at Devacci Limited, a wearable tech company specialized in mixing fashion and Technology together, have developed a new revolutionary product called “Devacci Electronic Heated hoodie”. It could be the perfect product that can bridge the gap between fashion and technology.

While there are many other hoodies available in the market, why Devacci’s Hoodie is the best?

Devacci Heated Hoodie is a perfectly designed product, so it can suit all seasons. It combines a number of features into it. Devacci Hoodie can be the best product for all users such as cyclists, outdoor going individuals, sporting activities or outdoor working, as it creates warmth and comfort to everyone.

Devacci Hoodie: Key Features
Devacci Hoodie: Key Features

What makes the product stands out? Devacci Heated Hoodie provides a better solution for the user because it provides warmth through the hoodie by pressing on the power button which is powered by a power bank. The power button is given on the left chest of the hoodie, just right to the designed brand icon logo, for controlling the heating levels. The hoodie can heat up to 55 degrees.

Devacci Hoodie: Power Button
Devacci Hoodie: Power Button

Devacci heated hoodie allows you to adjust the hoodie to 3 different heating levels which are High, Medium & Low. All you have to do is press and hold on the power button to adjust the heating level settings
• High temperature- 45-55-degree C (Red),
• Medium temperature- 35-45-degree C (green),
• Low temperature- 25-35-degree C (Blue).

Additionally, during the heating process, it can produce Far infrared rays which have a therapeutic effect on the body.

Along with all this, it can help with blood circulation, enhance the absorption ability of the muscle to inflammation of joints and tissues. It can also promote the healing of soft tissue injury.

Devacci: Power Bank
Devacci: Power Bank

Moreover, the Hoodie is empowered by a battery power bank which can last up to 6 hours. This 10000mAh rechargeable power bank can be charged easily and conveniently using a USB output. The power bank also comes with a USB cable which can be used to charge the power bank.

Most importantly, you can keep your phones charged. The Devacci heated hoodie power bank also allows the wearer to charge their mobile phone.

Though it is electronically equipped, the team designed ii in such a way that it can be totally washable. It also accepts machine washing. The team makes it water resistant to perfectly fit in the rainy season.