Thursday, May 23, 2024

Electrify America opens first DC fast-charging station for Porsche Taycan

Last week, when the Porsche Taycan was officially launched, its most headlined feature was its 800-volt charging system. This high-power system is capable of accumulating 5% to 80% of the battery in just 22.5 minutes in an ideal situation, according to Porsche.

And this is where the Electrify America got the chance to show off the incredible capability of its DC fast-charging network. It was the very first time when its charger was used nearly to its full potential. The American organization has opened the first charging station for the Taycan in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. These public fast-chargers have the potential to charge at up to 350 kW.

To test it, the Taycon made a successful 250-mile journey to Niagara Falls to the charging station. The car successfully charged at a maximum power level of an impressive 270 kW. This is the quickest fast-charging speed to date when it comes to passenger EVs.

Electrify America has already opened a sufficient number of 150-kW charging stations for the electric car. It has also announced the deployment of the first commercial robotic charging services for self-driving and electric vehicle fleets. And it continues opening more powerful charging stations in sync with the launch of new VW Group (parent organization of both Electrify America and Porsche) electric cars.

Although most electric cars are not equipped to charge at the Taycan’s high power level. But we hope that the availability of high-power charging stations may encourage other automakers to design compatible cars. With such a charging speed becoming a reality, yet another obstacle to EV adoption will soon be a thing of the past.