Friday, March 24, 2023

New electric crossover called Fisker Ocean with full-length solar roof

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After a series of teasers, the American brand Fisker has unveiled new details on its all-electric SUV. The vehicle now has a name: it will be the “Fisker Ocean,” and a first functional prototype will be introduced in early 2020 before going into production a year later and the first deliveries by 2022.

Designer and co-owner of the car manufacturer Fisker said that this crossover will be designed and manufactured as one of the most sustainable vehicles of today, as it will be made from recycled, vegan, and other innovative materials. It will have carpeting made from abandoned fishing net waste pulled from oceans, scrap rubber in tire manufacturing, as well as vegan materials for the interior.

Fisker Ocean Front
Fisker Ocean Front

The Fisker Ocean SUV will have a lithium-ion battery of 80 kWh ensuring between 250 and 300 miles (400 to 500 km) of autonomy and dual electric motor. The roof will feature solar panels to power the batteries and help extend the range “up to 1000 miles per year,” or 1600 km.

Fisker does not yet give many technical details. Some parameters of the electric crossover are already known, for example, length: 4.57m (15 feet). In addition, the Ocean received retractable door handles, narrow LED head optics, wide wheel arches, and a massive false radiator grille with a honeycomb pattern.

Fisker Ocean Rear
Fisker Ocean Rear

Fisker said Ocean will be available with flexible leases through the mobile app, and that includes service and maintenance. It also plans to launch a mobile app and begin bookings for this future crossover on November 27, when pricing will be announced. It is expected that the starting price tag will not exceed $40000. The premiere of the model will be held on January 4, 2020.

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