Monday, December 4, 2023

Elbit Systems ARCAS AI-powered computerized solution for assault rifles

Elbit Systems, an Israel-based international defense electronics company, has unveiled the Assault Rifle Combat Application System (ARCAS), a built-in computerized Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered system that transforms assault rifles into digital, networked combat machines.

The system interfaces with the rifle’s Electro-Optical (EO) sight, with a helmet-mounted eyepiece, and with the rifle’s assemblies, providing soldiers with real-time intuitive actionable combat information.

The AI-powered computer gathers data from the sight, tactical information transmitted from the combat unit’s command and control system and other ARCAS devices, and mechanical diagnostic data from the rifle itself. This enables a step-change in the lethality, mission effectiveness, and survivability of dismounted soldiers in both day and night.

ARCAS provides infantry and Special Operation warriors with combat capabilities that were not available for them before, including passive range measurement, automatic ballistic correction, detection of fire sources, video motion detection, the ability to shoot around the corner and from the hip, interface with tactical Command and Control (C2), navigation assistance, friend or foe identification, tracking of stoppage and ammunition and weapon zeroing without the need for live fire.

An AI-powered computer is integrated into the assault rifle’s forward grip, running innovative software and range applications. The miniaturized computer unit receives and processes data collected from the soldier’s field of view, tactical information from C2 systems, data from other ARCAS users in the team, and the rifle’s mechanical information.

The video system also allows the users to shoot around corners from the hip and adjust the weapon’s accuracy without having to fire around. Soldiers operate the system using a joystick button placed on the rifle’s forward grip and a Graphical User Interface inspired by the gaming world.

Designed in an open architecture approach, ARCAS has two configurations. It can include a thermal or low-light sight as part of the system and is capable of interfacing with any existing EO sight. ARCAS can run additional and third-party applications depending on the customer’s operational needs and requirements.

ARCAS is another important building block in our advanced portfolio of solutions for dismounted soldiers,said Oren Sabag, General Manager, Elbit Systems ISTAR. “The development of this new solution is part of our continuous effort and R&D investments aimed at enabling a step-change in the effectiveness and survivability of infantry and Special Forces.