Meet Ebo, a robot designed to entertain your cat

Cats are usually used to feel loneliness at home when their owners are away from home. And for those moments, nothing is better than a robot to entertain and keep your pet active.

With this premise here comes Ebo, an innovative robot device controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi connection, an HD camera, and a microphone to monitor and play with the cat from a smartphone. With a compact size, Ebo moves throughout the house and has LED lights, movement, and sound to stimulate the attention of home pets. Its creators created this little robot to fight the depression and obesity of your pets.

It has a range of use of about two hours with a full charge, and when out of charge, Ebo returns to the charging station to recharge its batteries. Equipped with autonomous movements, it can move in any direction, in addition to turning on itself. The company highlights, “In addition to preventing obesity problems, Ebo offers an exercise routine to keep your pet healthy and avoid arthritis and other similar chronic ailments.”

Ebo is available now for pre-order. The device is in an advanced stage of development; the manufacturing company began a fundraising campaign through the Kickstarter.


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