E-bike with the perfect balance of intelligence, speed, and comfort

YONOS E-bike
YONOS E-bike

After years of efforts, a team of YONOS has designed and developed the electric bike which offers the perfect balance in intelligence, safety, portability, comfort, speed, and the fun.

YONOS team asserts that this bike delivers the top quality and performance and within your means. Surprisingly, this carbon electric bike would be the coolest folding e-bike in the coming year with its stunning features.

Its mid-drive motor, carbon fiber frame, 100km mileage, and foldable design are few of the exceptional features do not found in other e-bikes within this range.

However, creators have specified the grounds why they offer the lowest cost. According to them, they have specialized OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with over 10 years of extensive experience. Similarly, by mastering complex manufacturing processes and technology and by offering the direct sales, they successfully eliminate the cost.

Besides the cost, YONOS devised with 350W BAFANG Motor, one of the world’s top e-bike motor manufacturers. Also, the Mid-drive design enables the highest efficiency every moment. And with the low set center of gravity and great dynamic balance, it provides a smooth stable ride.

One of the stunning features, its high starting torque and maximum torque of more than 80NM, makes it all-terrain compact. You can take a leap uphill or get steady on any terrain. In addition, the 7 speed Shimano gear and all-terrain tires add more thrill in your riding experience.

YONOS offers a maximum speed of up to 40mph (65km/h).

This incredibly lightweight electric bike is made of carbon fiber, which is durable, waterproof, non-deformable and heat resistant. Made of carbon fiber, e-bike frame is easily foldable and gives multiple layers of protection. It becomes a mini size bike after folding and can be put in the compact truck of a car.

Altogether the YONOS e-bike weighs only 16kg(35lb), which is one-third of Aluminum alloy bike. Here are some key parts of YONOS-

Parts of YONOS
Parts of YONOS

The Shimano 7 Speed Transmission System add more excitement in the ride. In addition, the smart waterproof multi-functional bike computer keeps a tab on speed where it controls the 6 speed from 0(no assist) to 5(full assist). This computer includes the power display, mileage display and much more.

YONOS DImensions

YONOS Specifications
YONOS Specifications

Since it offers the speed, control over is important. Hence, it devised front and rear PreMax Disc Brake for easy emergency braking. Similarly, YONOS equipped with various security provisions to make riding more safe and reliable. Such as the headlight and rear lamp to reduce the risk of injury and accidents.

Besides these all amazing features, YONOS equipped with 2A fast charge USB port.

“Although the Yonos e-bike is equipped with a 350w motor which is actually an auxiliary bicycle. No driving license is required. The adjustable speed also allows you to ride at will.”