Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Dyson’s unique EV insight details revealed

Dyson Ltd, a British technology company- known for designing and manufacturing household appliances like vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, heaters and more is about to line up in the electric vehicle market. The company’s founder Sir James Dyson has recently revealed its patent design and some early details about the company’s electric car in a memo sent to employees.

It looks like Range Rover

The car simulates a traditional crossover shape and has a long, flat roof. It will also come with sufficient interior space for three rows of seats and an overall design that, while efficient, it still looks the same as a car. Whatever the vehicle ends up looking like, it will likely be a normal-sized car.

The patent which recently becomes public includes some diagrams which make it look like Land Rover. Despite that, Dyson said they “certainly don’t reveal what the vehicle will really look like or give any specifics around what it will do.” Instead, they “show an androgynous vehicle and provide a glimpse of some of the inventive steps that we are considering.”

Image: Dyson
Image: Dyson

Though, there are some interesting things that the team is going to include. The car includes ultra-long wheelbase, unique ‘crossover’ body, unprecedentedly large and thin wheels, short body overhangs and unusually ‘fast’ windscreen. The team also aims at delivering low weight and low aerodynamic drag to maximize performance and battery range. Additionally, it will provide generous cabin space and first-class ride comfort, a particular Dyson priority, according to Autocar.

Large wheels

Well, large wheels in an electric vehicle may reduce the range as it will increase the overall weight, but Dyson believes that they can be beneficial. “The engineers observed that the decrease in the rolling resistance that is achieved at this wheel size can offset the increase in inertia such that a net gain in the driving range may be achieved,” the patent reads. Dyson also says the wheels were inspired by the Mini’s design, which would make the vehicle more efficient and ready to take on both “city and rough terrain,” according to the Telegraph.

Autocar also mocked up the patent filing to a real looking form/ Image: Autocar
Autocar also mocked up the patent filing to a real looking form/ Image: Autocar

While talking with the Autocar team, Dyson confirms that the vehicle would have an aluminum body. The car could be battery, hydrogen or even petrol-hybrid powered. In addition, the team is working on the solid-state battery technology for the car. And it is also noted that the company will build its own motors for this application and package them very compactly, as the Dyson high-speed electric motor designs are among the world’s best and most compact.

With all these details, testing will ramp up in June and the EV is expected to launch in 2021.