Tuesday, April 16, 2024

DuelFuel: A super compact power bank plus lighter

Risolve company has created a superbly compact power bank and flame-less lighter called DuelFuel. It is the most versatile tremendously portable charger.

This portable power bank is developed to become a part of everyone’s ‘every day carry’. It  can charge any electronic device that has USB and USB C type cable. Form a smartphone, iPad, laptops to Apple watch, it can charge your gadgets instantly on-the-go.

It comes with in-built 1250mAh battery, using which you can charge your device multiple times throughout the day.

The duelFuel weighs just 3 ounce which is almost less than 90grams and sized only 1.5 x 2.3 inches. This makes it extremely portable that you can easily carry in your pockets, handbags anywhere, anytime. With DuelFuel, you will always have assurity to be charged on-the-go.

DuelFuel: Size
DuelFuel: Size

Our motivation behind DualFuel was to create a power source that is as popular as your wallet, keys, and phone,” said Risolves CEO and Founder Kieran O’Mahoney. “How many times have you been left low on power, adding panic to your day, when you’ve forgotten to charge your phone overnight? With DualFuel, you have a safety net, a consistently available emergency power source to give you peace of mind and get you out of stressful scenarios.”

Also, the team designed this power bank with dual functionality. It comes integrated with a flame-less coil which sparks up whenever and wherever needed.

DuelFuel: Lighter
DuelFuel: Lighter

DualFuel offers users a greener alternative to disposable lighters. It is made of long-lasting, high strength, corrosion resistant zinc alloy that enables you to save money and cut out the extreme waste that caused due to the usage of disposable lighters.

Charger and lighter, both running from the same 1250mAh battery housed within a classic aesthetic of a timeless flip lighter.

The flame-less coil works every time and at any angle. In addition, with its built-in smart timer, the flame-less coil cuts out when you are done. This can provide safety against fire hazards. Simply, tap it once for 8 seconds of constant ignition and tap secondly to turn it off sooner.

Moreover, the coil is fully windproof, and the cap opens in just a single click of the finger.

It comes in three colors- a stainless steel silver, luxury gold, and a classy black. The colors give it an elegant and classy stylish look.

So, overall DuelFuel can be your best companion that keeps your portable electronics gadgets fully charged and the flame-less lighter restrains the pollution caused due to the disposal lighters.