The Dualomo™ Hybrid in collaboration with Bustin Boards Co has designed and produced the world’s first high-performance e-board that pushes, carves and pumps like a traditional longboard. They named this project the “Dualomo Hybrid”.

It is specially designed for riders who wanted a power-assist function for up hills and long commutes, but who insist that PUSHING and PUMPING are still essential elements of all skateboarding. A rider can push it naturally or use the handheld remote to power up fast.

The Dualomo™ Hybrid is designed with a hub-motor drivetrain and board design that is easier to push and pump than any electric skateboard available.

How does it work?

A team has started with a brushless motor design. There is NO belts or gears are utilized in this electric board that slow the skates down. They developed a new system after long efforts, which dramatically reduces the drag and friction found in most brushless motor designs.

To create an ultra-light, ultra-low, ultra-skate-friendly board and setup to make this the easiest electric board you’ll ever push whether the power is on or off, they collaborated with the Bustin board Co.


  • Ergonomic hand controller
  • Natural acceleration and deceleration curve
  • Regenerative braking (adds power to battery)
  • Hand-made composite deck
  • A high-performance electric mode
  • Push-Friendly Electric Drivetrain
  • Pump and Groove with ease
  • Learning is easy with Kids and Beginner speed setting
  • Up to 25mph Top Speed
  • Up to 15 Mile Battery Range (More if you push)
  • Up to 25% Uphill Grade Climbing
  • The water/Shock resistant casing