Monday, December 4, 2023

Drones could help get your car breakdown fixed faster

A car breakdown can happen when you least expected it to! And then, of course, that similar boring and the time-consuming process you need to follow. Call a repair person and wait… The tow truck shows up, the driver assesses the situation and then you come up with a plan for the next steps.

But the next time when you get stuck in such a situation, a drone might help you get your car fixed faster. A surveillance drone will be sent to you to check it before someone sends you a truck. A Houston-based towing company, 360 Towing Solutions, recently announced its plan of using unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to inspect car breakdown situations within the Houston area.

There are no details yet on how the company intends to fly those drones from its control room to stranded vehicles, presumably many miles away. However, the owners say that starting next month, they will deploy a few drones which will be used for taking photographs and videos of stranded vehicles.

And as the drone send the photos and videos back to the control room, the roadside assistance Houston professionals heading for towing the vehicle would be able to know what kind of tools they need to carry or what kind of tow truck is needed. 360 Towing Solutions Houston believes that this will increase its efficiency by a few notches.

Drone technology has come a long way, and the technology is progressively being used across industries,” Richard Miller, the company’s CEO, said during a recent press conference. “We thought we should change the way vehicles have been traditionally towed.

The company claims to provide the finest and fastest service for your road crisis and so perhaps taking to the air to get to you faster makes sense. “We believe this bold step will put us miles ahead of our competitors,” said Miller.