Race Car with Tesla 450 kW engine, worth US$100,000

Have you ever imagined to integrate an engine of about 600 hp in a go-kart? In Sydney, at the EV Expo organized by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, there was one such very interesting project. The BrunoPOWEEER YouTube channel has produced a fairly comprehensive video of this absolutely simple Go-Kart powered by a Tesla engine. Driftech Electric Racing team is behind the design and construction of this electric race car.

The team has transplanted a 450 kW (600 HP) Tesla powertrain with an extraordinary torque of 1000Nm into a sort of Go-Kart. The result is a special electric racing car of only 450 kg (992 lbs) with a truly record weight to power ratio (1 kW per kg). The vehicle can reach the top speed of 260 km/h (160 mph).

The vehicle was presented at the EV Expo organized by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association.
The vehicle was presented at the EV Expo organized by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association.

The power to weight ratio, measured in kilograms and kilowatts, is 1, something that is not possible to achieve in many of the best sports currently available and recognized within the sector. This is a defining sign of why this project can anticipate the arrival of many other preparations of this style.

Tesla is just at the drive; the control unit supplied by the company EV West from California, which deals with the improvement of electric cars and everything around them. The driver has a touch screen, which eliminates a number of buttons. The Tesla Race Car also contains a 400V Lithium polymer battery, capable of continuously delivering 1,800 Amp (2,925 Amp).

Tesla-powered Race Car suspension.
Tesla-powered Race Car suspension.

The pictures and the video show the simplicity of the construction. One of the highlights of this car is the situation of the driving position. Unlike many other race cars, which incorporate the seat in the middle, this model incorporates it on one side. The objective is none other than to counter the position of the battery pack, which is established in the other section.

The Tesla-powered Race Car has a 60% rear and 40% front weight distribution that changes to 50/50 during fast cornering. Watch the video below for more detailed information about this powerful vehicle.

Now, how much has the production of this racing vehicle cost? A very interesting project, therefore certainly not within everyone’s reach, especially given the high price. The manufacturers have invested about $100,000 to build the Tesla-run race car.


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