Thursday, April 18, 2024

Draganfly announces new heavy-lift, long-endurance multiuse drones

Canadian drone manufacturer Draganfly has announced the launch of its new North American-made Heavy Lift and Commander 3 XL Drones that are both versatile and compatible with a variety of payloads.

The Heavy Lift Drone is a versatile, industrial, multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is designed to lift more and fly further. It has eight motors, folding and carbon fiber propellers, and supports both automated missions and manual flight operations. The heavy-duty, robust UAV has a payload lift capacity of 67 pounds (30 kg), making it a great drone for deliveries.

The drone comes with a flight time of up to 55 minutes (with up to 2 kg of load) and a range of approximately 30 km (18.6 miles). With the maximum payload, the drone can stay in the air for 18 minutes. The modular parcel delivery system payload box can fit objects and parcels up to 15″ x 17″ x 34″ in size. In addition, the lifting capacity permits flexibility for carrying large high-end sensors like hyperspectral and bathymetric LiDAR to conduct large-area surveys.

Draganfly Commander 3 XL Drone.
Draganfly Commander 3 XL Drone. Credit: Draganfly

Draganfly’s other recently introduced drone, the Commander 3 XL Drone, is a high-endurance, weather-resistant, multirotor UAV that is designed for easy assembly and rapid deployment.

The Commander 3 XL Drone is capable of drop and winch-down systems to effectively carry up to 26 pounds (11.7 kg) of payload for 20 minutes. It has a maximum flight time of 50 minutes with smaller payloads strapped to it. The drone performs really well in light rain and snow.

Both Draganfly’s Heavy Lift and Commander 3XL Drones are compatible with a variety of interchangeable payloads, including optical and thermal imaging solutions, specialized delivery containers, and the Company’s Long Range LiDAR system.

“As drone use continues to rise, industry leaders are looking for sophisticated solutions that are versatile, reliable, and secure. Our Heavy Lift and Commander 3 XL Drones will help a variety of major markets improve their business outputs and profitability,” said Cameron Chell, President, and CEO of Draganfly.

There is no pricing information available for Draganfly’s newly released drones.