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IIT Engineers developed the Smartest, Contact-Less Health Monitor!

Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle, but it can be a challenge for many people as because of their busy schedules, they often fall into bad habits and can’t keep a regular eye on their health. There are fitness or health tracker device available in the market that is very beneficial. However, they don’t offer good accuracy and also need to be connected or in contact with your body to track the various information.

Why can’t we have a contactless device situated under your body or mattress that is smart enough to track basic health parameters without direct contact with one’s skin?

With the exact similar thinking, two IIT mechanical engineering graduate students from India, Mudit Dandwate and Gaurav Parchani, created a device called “Dozee”. They both quit their jobs in October 2015 and began their extensive research in the sector, which led to them founding their company, Turtle Shell Technologies.

Dozee, the Contact-Less Health Monitor!

The device was developed with the support of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (Nimhans). The health monitor, Dozee, can track the heart rate of an individual to sleep patterns and the functioning of the vital organs of the human body. Moreover, this sensor mat can detect the smallest vibrations from the human body, like the heartbeat, inhalation, exhalation, muscle twitches, and others.

Mudit Dandwate and Gaurav Parchani discussing the device.
Mudit Dandwate and Gaurav Parchani discussing the device.

Dozee is a rectangular-shaped sheet that measures around 70 cm by 70 cm and covers half your bed. The thickness is less than 15 mm, so you don’t even realize that it’s under the mattress. It weighs only 500 grams.

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How to use the device?

The small strip-like band, about the width of the shoulder, is placed under the mattress when one sleeps and is left plugged. Data is gathered while the user is asleep. The AI algorithm in the device detects early signs of health deterioration and generates alerts.

How to use?
How to use?

Mudit Dandwate, founder of Turtle Shell Technologies, says, “It monitors the micro-vibrations in your body, even the smallest ones. These vibrations are produced as a consequence of your heart pumping blood, inhalation, and exhalation, snoring, body movements. It picks up these vibrations very precisely, even when it’s placed under an 18-inch mattress. There, it can even pick up every single heartbeat. That’s how frictionless we have made the technology, as simple as sleeping on your bed.

Dozee is linked to a mobile phone application that receives processed data on heart rate, respiration, stress levels, and sleep. It is proven to be 98.4% as accurate as medical-grade sensors.

Dozee mobile App
Dozee mobile App

Mudit said, “If there is an unusual change in the heartbeat, immediate alerts are sent to the phone. This could be life-saving. It is beneficial for someone who wishes to monitor a loved one living at a far-off place as well.”

Pritish Gupta, head of marketing, said that even during its initial days after the launch, Dozee saved many lives. “In one of the patients, the breathing pattern was unusual. On examination, we found water accumulation in the lungs. Similarly, a case of tuberculosis was also identified.

Also, Dr. Bindu Kutty, HOD, Neurophysiology, Nimhans said, “Each session of having a sleep disorder tested could cost anywhere between Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 in private clinics. One might be able to purchase the equipment at the same price and use it regularly.” She also added the device was tested at their facility.

In addition, the Dozee app tracks your daily, weekly, and monthly trends in your sleep quality and health patterns. The team is now working on the features that go into the finer details of the heart functions.