New Dockitjet inflatable jetski powered tender can carry up to 6 people

Jet Skiing is super cool! As a fun recreation activity, it can be done while on a family outing or when enjoying the beach with friends. But what if we want to share and enjoy that time on the water with friends? It would have been great if there were some boats available that are built to have jet skis docked to the rear and push them over the water, this could add some extra carrying capacity.

The new Dockitjet model exactly does this with a decidedly agile footprint and stowed on the rear of a jet ski for easy transport.

Back in 2007, the Australian company had introduced the Dockitjet 5.6m RIB (Patent Pending) – Rigid Inflatable Boat, powered by a Personal WaterCraft.

And now the company is returned with a smaller version, measuring just 3.7 m (12.5 ft), which is around two meters shorter than the previous model.

The new fully inflatable boat has enough space for up to six people at recommended speeds of up to 30mph (48 km/h). It can connect to any jet ski PWC in minutes creating a great safety bumper upfront and down the sides if on-water collision accidents occur. The inflatable boat can be flat-packed and strapped to the rear of a jet ski for easy transport out to the water.

It can fit most PWC, becoming a boat that’s great for group outings, safe and dry in chop, stable and spacious for fishing, diving or lunch, and still free to undock for play. Alternatively, the boat can be fitted with an outboard motor for more traditional means of propulsion. You can check out more information on its website.


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