Friday, February 23, 2024

DJI patents a surprising off-roader integrated with stabilized camera

The emergence of drones has enabled a whole new immersive experience in cinema. Like the stabilizers with professional equipment, these small flying objects have flourished almost everywhere on earth, and YouTube has quickly been found saturated with videos of all kinds.

Known for its flying drones, the Chinese drone manufacturer may soon bring their ambitions back to the ground. From now on, DJI could seek to focus on another market: that of remote-controlled cars. That’s what a patent spotted by Machine Power Weibo suggests. It has patented an all-terrain land vehicle with a camera and gimbal on top.

According to the illustration provided with the documents, the product looks like a simplified version of the Mars rover. First of all, we notice its four wheels capable of rotating 360 degrees to guarantee ideal control even in the most complex maneuvers. They are visibly attached to arms that can move up and down, again to justify the all-terrain argument.

The camera on it works similarly to that installed on the drone – that is, it stabilizes the image in real-time if the drone shakes due to gusts of wind. Thanks to the springs and air suspension, the camera will be protected from shock and shaking. In addition, the description indicates the presence of unmanned driving. Creating such an SUV can reduce the shooting time, as it will provide a longer battery charge of the camera.

What good can such a machine do when you already have drones capable of flying? There is already the question of the field of use: an all-terrain drone equipped with wheels can go to places where those who move in the air are unable to go. We think, for example, of indoor spaces or for plans that require to be more on the ground (for perfectionist directors, this is a very important point).

At the moment, there is no confirmation of the launch of such a development in production. Also, note that DJI has already launched a small educational land tank: the RoboMaster S1.