Sunday, May 26, 2024

A manually powered NowLight illuminates your room without electricity

One can certainly think why 2020 still requires manually rechargeable lamps. When electricity, solar panels, and, if necessary, battery-powered equipment can help, so why manually operated lamps are needed? While we cannot imagine our life without electricity, there are billions of people worldwide who still do not have constant access to it. Also, batteries and solar systems are simply too expensive or not available to many people.

Innovative solution

To address these problems, a UK-based company Deciwatt develops renewable energy solutions that allow users to manually create electricity to power the light. The company is back with its new product, NowLight, which creates instant light and power from the pull of a cord, eliminating the need for connection to a traditional power source.

It provides cost-free lighting and helps offer those living in rural areas a way to illuminate their space and offers additional comfort to people in richer countries with good power supplies.

Just one minute of pulling on cord will generate up to two hours of light.
Just one minute of pulling on cord will generate up to two hours of light.

The Deciwatt NowLight light has its own special kinetic charging mechanism – a retractable dynamo – that works by pulling the integrated cable to power the internal system. It can represent an extraordinary and ecological alternative to kerosene lamps used by many people from developing countries.

Only one minute of action for over 2 hours of light

Deciwatt noted that in just one minute of pulling on NowLight’s cord (which vaguely resembles a thread for adjustable curtains), you could get about two hours of light. The lamp offers six adjustable brightness levels, starting from 5 lumens (a small night light) to a maximum power of 160 lumens. Its 3,200 mAh battery is able to provide up to 50 hours of use in economy mode when fully charged.

Deciwatt NowLight Features
Deciwatt NowLight Features

The light can also be charged through sunlight or mains electricity using the 3W solar panel and DC cable included in the kit. Besides, it has a 5V USB port for charging mobile devices such as phones and radios. NowLight can power up to 4 additional SatLights, each of which has a 16.4-foot (5-m) cable and independent brightness controls.

Deciwatt NowLights are currently in the pre-order phase, with the first shipments starting from June. The system comes with a NowLight, a SarLight, a 3W solar panel (which acts as an additional power source), and a DC charging cable at $109. You can also donate a NowLoght to households who have been displaced by natural disasters or conflict for $60.