D-Fly introduced an electric ‘Hyperscooter’ called Dragonfly for $5000

The electric scooter models, which have become widespread in recent times, continue to appear with remarkable designs. The Dragonfly electric scooter seems to be at the top of these designs. Developed by the London-based D-Fly Group and named ‘Dragonfly,’ the electric scooter model has the most interesting design among the electric scooter models ever introduced.

The company officials announced that the design of this unusual hyperscooter model was inspired by the hyper automobile models. The Dragonfly Electric Hyperscooter is based on premium materials, like high-end carbon fiber, 7000 series aerospace-grade aluminum, and paulownia wood. The model is equipped with large tires and is very suitable for urban and night use.

Technically speaking, with its dual motors of 1800 watts per wheel, the electric scooter allows it to reach a top speed of 61 km/h (38 mph) and can travel 45 km (up to 28 miles) with a fully charged battery.

  • D-Fly introduced an electric 'Hyperscooter' called Dragonfly for $5000
  • D-Fly introduced an electric 'Hyperscooter' called Dragonfly for $5000
  • D-Fly introduced an electric 'Hyperscooter' called Dragonfly for $5000
  • D-Fly introduced an electric 'Hyperscooter' called Dragonfly for $5000

This Super-lightweight model, starting at 32lbs (14.6Kg), features a 4.5-inch information display in 4K resolution on the steering wheel at the front of the model. With it, you can access various applications, driving performance (speed, range), as well as GPS navigation. It can connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The scooter, an easy-to-fold electric scooter, incorporates a built-in sound system.

The model is available in two versions, three and four-wheeled. Such design, materials, and driving characteristics cannot be cheap. Dragonfly in a three-wheeled layout costs $5,000, and four wheels will cost $6,000. The hyperpersonal transport, which is really incredible in price as well as its features and design, goes on sale in the middle of 2020.


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