rero:micro Kit offers a fun entry into robotics and code

In today’s competitive environment, it is no secret that programming is one of the most in-demand and relevant skills you can learn. Instead of trudging through a boring boot camp and investing a huge amount of time or money, how about learning to programme the fun way with the Cytron rero:micro Coding Robot Kit?

This DIY kit offers a fun and easy introduction to the field of coding and robotics. It lets you expand your STEM and coding knowledge by allowing you to program your very own robot.

No assembly needed! rero:micro comes fully-assembled out of the box. In addition, you will have access to the detailed 10-lesson step-by-step guide that will teach you about both the fundamentals and electronics principles. These lessons have been carefully curated to spark the students’ interest in coding. Each feature and its associated micro:bit IO pin is labeled clearly on the robot for easy reference.

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Besides, the kit allows you to drag and drop various building blocks together in order to customize your designs.

Radio feature on the micro:bit enables wireless communication between rero:micros
Radio feature on the micro:bit enables wireless communication between rero:micros

Once you have assembled your robot, you can now program it using coding languages like JavaScript in order to increase functionality across the board.

The robot has several sensors or modules such as distance sensor, color sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, LCD/OLED module, PWM/Analog/IO Expansion modules and etc.

You can program your rero:micro to draw for you. Moreover, the radio feature enables wireless communication between rero:micros, while Bluetooth function allows the rero:micro to send and receive signals from PCs and smart devices.

For more details visit the company’s website.


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