Cybershoes: A real step into endless VR world


Do you ever want to get in the boots of your favorite game character? Now you can!!

The Cybershoes Gmbh has designed and developed a new gaming shoe that allows you to enter, walk and run through virtual reality. Isn’t that interesting?

We have many problems with the current VR. Your room is small, but the world of VR is endless, and you always want to enjoy and explore it. frequently, moving with the joystick can be dangerous, it makes people sick.

You want to step into the shoes of your favorite game character, but you are limited to the joystick and the couch. However, with the Cybershoes you can enjoy the VR games limitless. You just need a rotating chair, your Cybershoes and you are all set to start your VR action.

Cybershoes: Step in to the VR game world
Cybershoes: Step in to the VR game world

Cybershoes are compatible with any VR games that support free locomotion such as Doom VFR, Onward, Fallout, Skyrim, Evasion, etc.

It helps to burn calories by playing your favorite games. Low stress and impact experience allow you to exercise while you play.

It’s inside-out tracking technology makes it very comfortable and less expensive. One can easily strap Cybershoes on his or her shoes, as it is fully adjustable with any size.

It’s very simple to use it, you just need to strap these on your shoes, all your movements are controlled by your own legs, so you can feel like you are walking through the game.

Use a chair that can rotate 360-degrees around itself, so while you are walking into the game you can experience full comfort.

The Cybershoes can immerse players in the experience by letting them control their in-game movement by walking in place, the player actually feels as if they are their in-game character. So, as you play using the Cybershoes, your brain perceives that you’re standing and not sitting when you explore a different world.

You can fully observe your surroundings when you walk, run or bend to pick objects, as your vision is completely independent to your feet movements.

It is difficult to pick up things from the ground while sitting on a chair. That is why it comes with Z-scaling that actually allows you to fully bend to pick objects in VR surface. Besides, it has first-class treadmill support in the steam platform.

Cybershoes- construction
Cybershoes- construction

Cybershoes has a wireless receiver, which connects through your PC or USB port. With around 3hours of charging, you will get 8-10 hours playtime.

Cybershoes is compatible with any SteamVR application that utilizes touchpad or thumbsticks for free locomotion, as well as the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, the Pimax, and Microsoft Mixed Reality via the Steam platform.

There are some safety tips- do not walk around when you are wearing Cybershoes. As they are slippery, there is a risk of falling.

Moreover, the Cybershoes benefits go beyond gaming as they can be employed in training and planning for industrial facilities, physical rehab programs for the elderly, and architecture and construction previews.