Tuesday, May 21, 2024

CyberKAT, a remote-controlled snowcat inspired by Tesla Cybertruck

Believe it or not, it’s been more than two years since the wedge-shaped Tesla Cybertruck rolled out in front of a global audience of millions. Since then, it has encountered a number of delays on the road to production, but that hasn’t stopped the highly anticipated polygonal pickup from inspiring a myriad of new concepts along the way.

The latest one of these is CyberKAT, a miniature, remote-controlled snowcat designed to help you clear snow in the depth of winter. Penned by Ryan Butler of the startup Spyker Workshop, the CyberKAT has an aesthetic that closely resembles a mini Cybertruck that is fitted with wide tracks, allowing it to cut through a thick white blanket of snow.

It is designed to help you clear snow in the depth of winter.
It is designed to help you clear snow in the depth of winter. Credit: Spyker Workshop

The vehicle measures 29-inch (73 cm) long, 19-inch (48 cm) wide, 9.5-inch (24 cm) high, and has a ground clearance of 4.25-inch (10.7 cm) that enables it to glide across uneven terrain. This model features a plasma-cut aluminum frame and runs on a standard 775 electric motor and four 12V batteries. According to Spyker Workshop, the aluminum transmission can be easily set to high speed or high torque modes. The company hasn’t revealed any information regarding the power and speed of the vehicle.

CyberKAT comes equipped with the CyBlower, which is still under development. It can be mounted to the CyberKAT’s trailer hitch to help blow away snow in a snap. In addition, CyberKAT is replete with light bars like the original Cybertruck that gives it a futuristic feel. The model can be customized with other types of batteries and electric motors, depending on the needs of the buyer.

CyberKAT is already available for pre-order, and the cost starts at $1,299, but users will need to fork out an additional $120 for the electronics kit to power it and another $80 for the optional radio. Unlike the Cybertruck, which is perpetually overdue, the CyberKAT will ship to first buyers in January-February 2022.