Monday, May 20, 2024

New BMW R9T with Steampunk and Post-Apocalyptic Style

Originally, they wanted to showcase the new custom-made BMW R9T motorcycle rebuilt by Zillers Garage at the Moscow Motorcycle Show, but the event was canceled, so the special work was introduced online.

Yes, underneath this unique creation is hidden a BMW R9T, a model that has gained more and more fans in the world of preparations. The new BMW R9T motorcycle is a unique and personalized version of the current and also new BMW R18 that is created by the boys from Zillers Garage, based in Moscow.

In this way, it maintains the internal construction of the R18, but comes with a redesigned external body, made entirely of aluminum parts, aimed at a futuristic design to hide all mechanical parts. They gave the BMW R9T a neo-retro look, with an aesthetic that would not differ from a Steampunk style.

Only the motorcycle’s 1,170 cc boxer engine remained visible. No technical details about the power output of the engine were provided. The engine drives the rear wheels through 110 horsepower at 7,750 rpm (as standard) and six-speed transmissions.

The suspension has been modified, dramatically reducing ground clearance; the exhaust system is also unique, as are the wheels, optics (front and rear), and the instrument panel – all designed by Zillers Garage itself. The brake and steering parts were also customs made, just as the 18-inch rims were carved out of huge blocks of aluminum separately for this motorcycle. The instrument cluster is a simple liquid crystal display with a few numbers, and the chassis height adjustment switches have been placed on the tank.

This BMW R9T also has a small compartment in the rear storage compartment, and the engine includes a USB port for charging smartphones. Based on the photos, one might think it’s just computer graphics, but there are also photos of the construction process, so the machine really exists.

Undoubtedly, the end result is spectacular, but it is not yet known whether this custom-made BMW R9T will only remain as an exhibition motorcycle or will be available for sale. Zillers Garage has not yet made a statement about the purpose of making the motorcycle.