Saturday, April 13, 2024

Cubo AI: Smart Baby Monitor with proactive AI alerts

Children are parent’s priceless treasure, greatest blessing, and beautiful gifts from God. Parents want to bring their child all the happiness in the world and become better for them!

There are a lot of smart baby monitors available in the market that help parents to protect their child. Now, a start-up team that loves babies hoping to join the queue by developing Cubo AI – a smart baby monitor with a proactive warning system.

Cubo AI combines human’s care with innovative technology to solve the pain of novice parents. It forms the first line of defense for the baby’s safety during bedtime and when they are awake so that parents can enjoy peace of mind and every child grow up safely.

It brings peace of mind by helping parents protect their babies
It brings peace of mind by helping parents protect their babies

Designed with AI expertise and medical knowledge from pediatrician, Cubo AI baby Camera comes with three world-first AI features:

  • Face cover detection
  • Danger zone detection
  • Auto smart picture taking

Cubo AI’s intelligent key features:

1. Covered face and Rollover Alert:

The team has developed Cubo AI’s face detection technology to alert to Covered Face events in real time. Using the mobile app, the system’s AI alerts you if your baby rolls onto his or her stomach or is covered by a blanket while asleep.Covered face alert

2. Danger Zone Alert:

The device is not just for the crib; it also has some features found in any conventional security camera like zone alert. When your child learns to walk and crawl, you can be placed and moved to the family room or play area using its portable stand. You can define the “danger zones” around the house, and if your child enters one of those off-limit areas, the app will send you a notification.

Danger Zone alert
Danger Zone alert

3. Automatic photo capture:

You will never miss any of your baby’s precious moment again. For those fleeting moments that you miss, Cubo AI automatically captures cute moments such as smiling, crying, first head lift, or first flip over, so you don’t miss a thing!

Automatic photo capture
Automatic photo capture

4. Ultra HD night vision:

Designed for every parent who wakes up anxiously in the middle of the night, the device’s 1080p HD Sony Night Vision Lens means you can check up on them in bed without risking waking them up!

What’s more:

Cubo AI also has cry detection alert, which let you know via your Cubo app. Along with all these exceptional features, it also offers temperature and humidity detection, 2-way audio, built-in night light, no visible red light, and amazing 18-hours playback.

You can read more details about Cubo AI on the campaign website.