Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Create an unlimited number of lamps with TiKA

TiKA lab has introduced an exceptional modular design kit that will simply alter the way of your playing, learning, designing, and prototyping. You can design several amazing structures out of your creativity. TiKA modular kit will evoke the creativity to design structures. Such as lamps, holders for your plants or just jaw-dropping design objects for your home, office or anything where you wander usually.

“It is a modular system opens endless opportunities through its five different sized wooden building sticks and small magnetic metal balls that act as connectors with flexible joints.”

Tika teaser construction set is a building system to create small structures for your desk. It incredibly builds structures for your plants to grow on. Likewise, TiKA lamps kit allows you to build a large variety of table lamps and nightlights. We can build a unique structure by combining any of the two or three kits together. It will let you create a variety of small and large structures for decor.

This kit contains five types of different sized sticks, metal balls that act as connectors and flexible joints along with three different bases to build upon.

TiKA team stated, “We tested building almost everything we could think of with TiKA just to test it as best we could. We found that using magnetic balls and sticks allows for maximum flexibility when building or expanding on your designs.”

Though a team of inventors has tried to design numerous structures yet there are many more to design out of your creativity. You can have more than one stick magnetized to one of the metal balls and different lengths of wooden sticks allow you to design exceptional shapes.

TiKA base and other accessories
TiKA base and other accessories

You can showcase your creativity anywhere such as in the living room, bedroom, office desk, on the mirror table, for your favorite plant, in your shop, on the terrace.

It is simple to design any shape with these magnetic sticks and balls. Start with the base. There are base types; one is the electric base which also includes electricity conducting TiKA sticks and the LED-fitted sticks. Similarly, the flower pot base can help you to combine your work of art with a plant and. In addition to this, you can combine different kits or multiple structures and flower pots to create amazing designs.

Here are some examples of bases, magnetized sticks, and balls.

TiKA Creator Florin Cobuz, said, “With TiKA kits, users can create an unlimited number of lamps and complex structures for their plants. It allows people to unleash their inner designer.”

“Because it’s a modular building kit, all elements are compatible, allowing users to express their imagination by combining our innovative set with their favorite plants and ideas. The flexibility and adaptability of the TiKA system have two main advantages: it can adapt to various personal needs, and it can easily change, so users will never get bored.”