Crack Light: Innovative power and lighting solution

One of the best things you can do for your video quality is to ensure you have great lighting. Viewers find poor lighting distracting and it’s hard for them to see how great your content is if they are busy thinking about why your video is so dark. By creating great lighting set up you can ensure that the people watching your videos are only thinking about how much they’re enjoying them.

A team of groundbreaking engineers and a two-time Bafta winner Blind Spot Gear is bringing cutting edge technology into the reach of content creators around the world.

They created affordable yet professional lighting for the film and television industry. The product called “Crack Light”.

So Let’s find out a little bit more about it:

It is a tiny, flexible and waterproof LED panel, consisting of 49 daylight LEDs and is powered via USB connector. It can be used either with or without a dimmer and can be mounted basically anywhere.

Crack light Dimmer
Crack light Dimmer

This extremely slim panel has smartphone-like dimensions and it only weighs 19 grams without accessories. The light panel is flexible, so it can be bent to suit various mounting.

Crack Light: Flexibility
Crack Light: Flexibility

As the Crack light consists of daylight LEDs only, the temperature is fixed at 6000K and can only be tweaked with gels.

In addition, it comes with a full-size USB connector with a short cable, and the Crack light can be either directly connected to a USB power source for immediate full light output, or it can be connected to the dimmer for extra control. The dimmer provides an on/off switch and, of course, a step-less dimming wheel.

Crack Light: Waterproof
Crack Light: Waterproof

you can also power it from any USB devices like your smartphones, cameras, and power adapter and even with your laptops also.

With the weight of just 19 grams, it can be fitted into any bags, purse, even in your pocket. So, you can carry it anywhere easily and effortlessly. It doesn’t require any bulky setup.

Crack Light Mounting:

Crack Light: Mounting
Crack Light: Mounting

There are various options available to mount it. The team included the GoPro mounting system, which is quite inexpensive and offers a great amount of flexibility. Other options involve white tack, velcro strips, or rubber bands.

The Crack Light is an affordable the most portable, flexible and innovative power and lighting solution for every content creator around the world.


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