COMANCHE Wanderer: Electric, gas moped and dirt bike

Safe and accessible to all from adults to disabled riders, the Comanche Wanderer, is the perfect e-bike. It is the result of fifteen years of dreaming and later the execution of acquired knowledge and skills.

Dak Steiert, the maker of Comanche Wanderer, explained, “Dreaming of an unstoppable and brilliantly exciting off-road vehicle that could fit in the back of a hatchback or SUV. Something that didn’t require the expense, trailers, and general life-changes associated with dirt bikes, ATV’s and UTV’s. Something affordable, safer, also capable of carrying far more gear/coolers/etc than a dirt bike, and drivable by all.”

It was not easy for him to make his dream come true. After analyzing all types of bikes on the market he was about to give up. And landed to the recumbent trike layout. This design would be an alternative to mountain bikes. It is a versatile bike since it is perfect for both in city transportation and in off-roading.

They chose to design a bike with three wheel layout which has solved nearly every problem. It adds safety, ease of riding and the ability to carry just as much gear as a four-wheel vehicle. The vehicle becomes lightweight and affordable with this layout.

The dual front wheels are very effective off-road for more than just safety. They have designed it with a provision to pack more effective suspension onto a three-wheeled trike than one could ever imagine getting onto a dirt bike.

Companche on the rock
Comanche on the rock

It is crafted carefully that ride becomes smoother on rocks and rough terrain because the weight on each front wheel is half. So, when you hit an obstacle or say rock, it only causes half the jolt to the vehicle. These are the exceptional features found in a dirt bike.

Comanche Models
Comanche Models

You will have options to choose your model. Choose the one which is the best for you since every model is highly eco-friendly.

  • Comanche Moped Edition (Electric)
  • Comanche Off-road Edition (Electric)
  • Comanche Moped Edition (Gas)
  • Comanche Off-road Edition (Gas)

Comanche Models
Comanche Models

We discovered common about the specifications of each model is they are safe, exciting to drive, accessible to everyone and affordable. However, Moped edition offers a top speed of 20-25mph, 50cc gas engined or 3kW electric motor. Its weight is less than 105 lbs. It has side view mirrors, headlight, tail light, and turn signals to follow laws for street-legality.

Whereas, Off-road edition offers tops speed of 45-55mph and power-weight equivalent up to 415 HP Jeep and suspension travel is 11-14″. It blazes through rough terrain faster than all Jeeps and almost any ATV. It can climb up to 45 degrees and can jump up to 65 feet to flat.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

They decided to design a high-horsepower, high power to weight variant anyway. Whereas it was not easy to design a type of suspension to fit into a sub-72″ track width. But they did. Dual heavy duty shocks on both of the front dual equal-length A-arm independent suspension arms, FOUR shocks on the rear swing arm. Weight balance is similar to a dirt bike.

Carrying a lot of gear/groceries/camping stuff, etc, planned to go high speed in rough terrain, soft terrain, do jumping, ripping at high speeds, descending steep hills, winter/snow riding. No matter what is your outdoor adventure plan, this bike will enable you to make it exhilarating.

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