Tuesday, April 16, 2024

CLIP turns a normal bike into an e-bike in seconds

The news that electric motors have entered the world of bicycles is no longer news. Rather, the electric bicycle conversion kits that turn a normal bicycle into an electric bicycle are grabbing attention.

A product designer Somnath Ray has designed and developed a simple attachment that temporarily converts any bicycle into an electric bike. The new design of the device, called CLIP, attaches to the front wheel of a bike in seconds.

It’s easier and simpler than any other retrofit kit. Other electric bike retrofit kits required a complicated procedure to connect a motor or belt drive that replaces the old wheel and controls the battery and accelerator lever from the steering wheel. CLIP found a solution that minimized inconvenience in old technology 40 years ago.

It attaches to the front wheel of a bike in seconds.
It attaches to the front wheel of a bike in seconds. Credit: CLIP

The 3kg device can be attached to the front wheel in just a few simple steps and has a 450-watt motor. The 144Wh battery should last for 10-15 miles (16-24 km) and can be charged from zero to 100% within 40 minutes. You can boost your bike’s speed by simply pushing a button on a controller attached to the handlebars as you pedal up a hill. Its maximum speed is 15 mph (24 km/h).

The solution is small enough to fit inside a backpack and compatible with all urban, road, and hybrid bikes with a 26 to 28-inch front tire.

CLIP is available for pre-order for costs $399 and has already sold out the first round. The company hopes to make it more accessible to riders who otherwise couldn’t afford to switch to an electric bike.