CLIP: Easily Transform any Bike into e-Bike

E-bikes have become increasingly popular and also they are fascinating people with their amazing features. Although it comes with a lot of amazing features, it has some disadvantages too. They’re heavier and bulkier to bring on the bus or train and also they are very expensive, almost doubles than the price of a standard bicycle.

The company CLIP has designed an extremely portable and swappable e-motor that instantly transforms any bike or bicycle into an e-bike. It makes biking the easiest choice for all commuters.

Introducing “CLIP” that provides an extra boost when you are going uphill or coasting to ride further. It is all created to reduce the efforts that you put while commuting to work by bike. More bike commuters mean lower Co2 emissions and increased safety for bikers.

Daily ride to the work by bicycle is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the environment. It helps you stay healthy, physically fit, while keeping the environment pollution free. And what doesn’t allow us to do that is that no one wants to reach office in a sweat. Also, the brief moments of extreme effort discourage committed bikers and obstruct the best intentions.

CLIP: A Portable e-motor
CLIP: A Portable e-motor

CLIP is created to solve that exact problem so you can choose biking as your commute of choice every-time without hesitation!

How to use it?

What you have to do is, simply attach it to your bike and ride. CLIP will provide that extra push when you face an uphill climb or that last stretch of a long commute. It attaches to bike’s front fork easily and quickly.

CLIP: A Portable e-motor features
CLIP: A Portable e-motor features

And finally, when you arrive or reach to your destination you’ll be able to simply unclip it from your bike, carry it with you, and recharge it fast on your desk for the ride back home.

Moreover, CLIP consists of a 450W motor and equipped with 4Ah/36V Li-ion battery. Weighs just 1.7Kg, it is light enough to carry in your backpack anywhere you go and comes compatible with both shared bikes and your personal bike.


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