Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Civilized Cycles’ first e-bike is perfect for the emergency shopping

Electric bicycles have become one of the most demanded transport elements in the urban environment for some years. Companies that see the demand in this field are trying to stand out in different models. One such model is the “Model 1,” the very first electric bike of Civilized Cycles.

This is an electric bike that combines a cargo bike, a scooter, a cargo bike into a single weird-looking model. What catches an eye instantly are those enormous, fully integrated panniers on the rear rack of the bike. The two compartments on each side of the rear, encased in a seemingly tough carbon fiber shell, offer space for up to 50 lbs (22.7 kg) when opened. These portions can be closed when not in use and thus do not disturb the driver.

It comes with up to 50 lbs of cargo carrying capacity.
It comes with up to 50 lbs of cargo carrying capacity.

The Model 1, which has the capacity to carry two people, can be purchased with three different Bosch mid-drive motors: 350-W, 500-W or 750-W power options are offered here. The bicycle transferred with the most powerful engine has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), and the riders can go from throttle only to pedal support if desired.

It is equipped with a 10.5 Amp-hours, 48-volt lithium-ion battery, offering up to 25 miles/40 km (50 miles / 80 km with optional second battery) range. The lightweight, low-profile battery with dual USB charging ports can be used to charge and power your devices on or off the bike. This 34kg bike also comes with disc brakes and a simple lighting system – headlamp, tail light, and brake light.

Secure your bike with a PIN on your smartphone or the bike display
Secure your bike with a PIN on your smartphone or the bike display.

Besides, the Model 1 features a patent-pending technology that automatically adjusts the suspension to perfectly match the weight on the bike, ensuring a silky smooth, confident ride over any surface. In addition, you unlock the bike using a digital PIN on your smartphone or the bike display and receive notifications via the app – functions refer to those offered by modern automobiles.

The first units of the Model 1 should arrive in the second quarter of 2020, initially for the first forty buyers with the price of $5,999 each.