Friday, April 19, 2024

Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept embodies Ami’s vision of leisure

The mobility of the future will take several forms. And although electric cars are mostly destined for urban driving, their design can evoke different orientations. Citroën also proves this with its My Ami Buggy concept.

The My Ami Buggy is based on the Ami, a small electric city-friendly two-seater, but it adds some practical and stylistic touches like wider knobby tires, an LED light bar, and removable canvas doors. It features numerous stylish attributes to assert its intrepid and friendly backpacker personality, which is both robust and vibrant while incorporating numerous accessories and graphic components in a passenger compartment freed from its doors.

My Ami Buggy Concept comprises a total of three colors: black, khaki, and yellow, giving it an outdoorsy camouflage feel and yet high visibility. Sitting securely on its wide notched wheels, the vehicle has a resolutely adventurous character, highlighted at the front and at the rear by its bull-bars, hubcaps, and headlight grilles, its bumpers, and its faceplates, in the center of which sit the chevrons.

On the roof, the roof rack and spare wheel emphasize the concept’s spirit of adventure. All these decorative elements come in a single shade of color-impregnated black. The LED light bar on the front of the roof adds an adventurous touch to head into the night or the fog. Once stationary, everything comes together to provide a “camp-fire” atmosphere, created by the light diffused by this rail and the music from its nomadic speaker.

The doors have been removed, replaced by transparent rainproof canvas that can be pulled back in bad weather, in a nod to the Mehari. These are fitted with zippers to enclose the passenger compartment, with high openings evoking the glazed doors on conventional vehicles. The word “Pilot” appears on the roof on the driver’s side and the word “Copilot” on the passenger side, while in the same nod to motor racing, the number 01 features on the driver’s seat and 02 on the passenger’s seat to indicate their positions.

It also offers thicker memory foam in the seat, new storage bins on the dashboard, and even a range of luggage designed to fit perfectly into the vehicle’s interior spaces. The charging cable, meanwhile, is fitted into a holder in the passenger door frame in the shape of a handle to facilitate the catching of objects. The cup or bottle holder can be found either on the dashboard or in the position of replacing the My Ami bag holder. Many of the concept’s accessories were created using 3D printing so that they could be reproduced on demand.

The Ami can reach the top speed of 28 mph and go 44 miles on its 5.5 kWh battery. It’s also legal for teenagers 14 and older to drive in France and elsewhere in Europe.

There’s no word yet on whether Citroën will ever build and sell the My Ami Buggy concept.