Monday, May 20, 2024

Charmin unveiled a toilet paper delivery robot and a bathroom smell sensor

Have you ever run out of toilet paper in the bathroom? Well, Charmin unveiled a domestic robot that you never knew you needed! The robot, called “RollBot” has a single mission and can be the difference between an awkward situation in the bathroom and saving you from a catastrophe. Or, at least, it saves us from having to open the bathroom door and shout, “The toilet paper is over !”

The Charmin RollBot debuted at CES, where despite its simplicity, it has gained unusual interest. Even more, if we take into account that it is just a prototype and it is not known if one day it will go on sale. The reason? It is the first electronic device capable of taking toilet paper to the bathroom when it is finished and you are in trouble.

The RollBot was created by GoLab. One of its characteristics is that it only measures 15 cm in height and has two wheels that help it to be transported in your aid. In addition, in front, you can see the teddy bear face, a feature that distinguishes the Charmin brand. The robot has a support on the top where the roll of toilet paper should be placed.

To call it, the company has designed an app for mobile phones so that you can always locate it and ask it to come to the rescue. The system uses Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi to communicate.

RollBot’s mission is simple! “It deals with going to the bathroom door to leave, next to it, tens of meters of toilet paper in a compact roll manufactured by Charmin,” said a spokesman for the company. Come on; it’s something that a remote control car could do equally.

In addition to RollBot, Charmin showed another design, the SmellSense, a device that sends alerts to users if it detects a bad smell in a bathroom before entering it. This system, they say, is intended for offices, shopping malls, or other places with shared bathrooms.

In both cases, it seems clear that it is more of a promotional advertisement for the brand to be known in a friendly way than products that really have options to become a reality. But anyway, it is interesting to discover that even companies dedicated to trivial and everyday things like toilet paper are preparing for the future.