Changer: Modular Earphones that charge your phone

Changer Earphones

Change the way you charge your phone outdoor with inventive earphones. New York based, ‘49101 Electronics’, has introduced ‘Changer’. Which boasts three firsts and revolutionize the way you listen to music.

Changer, the world’s first Bluetooth wireless earphones that can be charged without cables, that can transform into a high-speed charging cable and the neckband Bluetooth earphones with a replaceable battery.

These wireless earphones just not only offer high-quality sound but also can instantly transform to a charger. No need to carry extra cables, your wireless earphones will charge your phone.

Earphones transformed into a charger
Earphones transformed into a charger

It has transformed the current trend of charging Bluetooth earphones with a charging cable. Simply, unplug and connect to your power source such as power bank and charge your wireless earphones on the go. Similarly, you can charge your phone. Unplug both sides of the earphones and connect one to phone and another to a power source.

Changer supports 2A fast charging, also has a hidden adapter design, supports lighting, micro-USB and TypeC.

Changer stealing power from other mobile phone
Changer stealing power from another mobile phone

Besides, its incredible feature will allow you to beg, borrow and steal power if you are running low on battery. With Changer you can charge your phone through another phone. Let your friend’s phone turn as your power bank. (This feature is available for Android users as of now)

It is devised with a battery that gives 12 hours of playing time on a single charge and 500 hours of standby. Also, it has a replaceable battery which can be charged independently. It is IPX5 water resistant which enables you to dance in the rain, exercise, and more.

Changer Technical Specifications
Changer Technical Specifications

About audio quality, they say, “We might offer a host of new features that other earphones don’t, but that doesn’t mean we cut corners elsewhere. Our 13mm driver, with a 20HZ-40KHz frequency response, has been awarded Japanese Hi-res certification.”

In the case of Changer, earphones life is until you use it properly, It provides high safety, and high-resolution sound. It supports the highest Bluetooth version V5.0 and compatible with voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant.