Monday, July 22, 2024


UK’s largest public EV charging hub unveiled

The new Gigahub EV charging hub can charge 180 EVs simultaneously.

ZF’s ultra-compact magnet-free EV motor is more sustainable, efficient

ZF Group claims that the I2SM reduces the carbon footprint of engine production by up to 50%.

U.S. intelligence agencies dream of high-tech spy pants, underwear

A cutting-edge program that aims to make performance-grade, computerized clothing a reality.

Prysmian completes the world’s longest subsea interconnector

The record-breaking Viking Link Interconnector joins UK and Denmark power grids for the first time.

LANL installs Crossroads supercomputer to test nuclear stockpile

Crossroads will deliver four to eight times better performance than its predecessor.

Make it Extreme unveils its Monotrack bike made from scraps

The Monotrack bike is made using scraps of materials and old items.

FTC Solar unveils SUNOPS software to enhance solar plant performance

The software increases solar plant uptime and reduces energy losses.

IBM’s TS1170 tape drive offers world’s highest data storage tape capacity

The TS1170 tape drive is designed to provide durable, cost-effective data storage.

Germany made new SolFlex photovoltaics to meet the energy needs of EV’s

New facility will use technology to manufacture an advanced version of the SolFlex module.

Apogee+ exoskeleton helps nursing staff lift and move elderly patients

Apogee+ powered exoskeleton offers optimal lifting and walking support for healthcare professionals.

RTX receives DoD funding to develop GhostEye MR multi-mission radar

The GhostEye MR is an advanced medium-range air and missile defense radar.

Turbine-inspired Martini Mixer to stir cocktails at precise speeds

Martini Mixer makes a perfectly blended drink in just 15 seconds.

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