Wednesday, May 18, 2022


OMOY social robot conveys emotions while reading text messages

The mediator robot can suppress the user's anger and other negative interpersonal motivations.

Autonomous Pipe-worm robot can demolish solid waste deposits

The robot is ideal for autonomous monitoring, inspection, repair, and even mapping of oil and gas pipelines.

Tech startup developing general-purpose robots with human-like intelligence

Sanctuary general-purpose robots will improve the nature of work and strengthen the global economy.

Tiny insect-inspired robots that can monitor hard-to-reach spots

The bug-inspired robots can carry out tasks in hard-to-reach spaces and inhospitable environments.

Verdant Robotics unveils multi-action farm-robot for specialty crops

The robot is capable of millimeter-accurate spraying, laser weeding, and AI-based digital crop modeling.

Meet Nikola, an android kid that can convey six basic emotions

The android child demonstrates six basic emotions thanks to a series of pneumatic actuators.

HUUVER hybrid drone combines both flying and driving capabilities

The HUUVER hybrid drone combines the most useful features of a flying aircraft with an all-terrain robot.

GITAI tests its lunar robotic rover R1 in a simulated lunar environment

The lunar robotic rover successfully conducted numerous tasks and mobility operations.

Soft actuators give flying microrobots a performance boost

A new fabrication technique produces artificial muscles that improve the performance of flying microrobots.

New submersible robot to help explore uncharted, underwater glacial walls

The new mission will explore three of Greenland's glaciers with a submersible robot.

U.S. DHS is testing robot dogs to patrol the southern border

Robot dogs take another step towards deployment at the border.

Flying robots with flapping wings outperforms insect muscles

The flying robot with wings is controlled by a magnetic field instead of heavy motors and gears.

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