Monday, February 6, 2023


Controlling a swarm of micro-bristlebots using vibrations

Vibrating tiny robots could revolutionize research.

Robot that can feel the layers of cloth could one day help with laundry

New research help could one day allow robots to assist people with household tasks like folding laundry.

World’s first elephant trunk-mimetic gripper can grasp even fine needles

Able to grip objects of various sizes by pinching or attaching to objects with a single gripper.

Jellyfish-like soft robotic gripper can gently grasp fragile objects

The tentacle robot mimics the mechanics of curly hair.

Amphibious robotic turtle capable of moving on land and water

This invention can be used in monitoring ecosystems, supporting divers, and ocean farming.

This mole crab-inspired robot can self-burrow vertically

The robot may someday help evaluate the soil of agricultural sites and collect marine data.

A group of robotics firms pledges not to weaponize their robots

Robots should be used to help, not harm.

Bipedal robot Cassie achieves Guinness World Record for 100-meter dash

The robot has knees that bend like an ostrich's and operates with no cameras or external sensors.

Soft robots learn to grasp tools with the right amount of force

Researchers created a system that lets robots effectively use grasped tools with the correct amount of force.

A swarm of cooperative, 3D-printing drones for construction and repair

These flying robots work as a team to print 3D materials for building or repairing structures.

Florida startup completes test flight of its silent ion propulsion drone

The aircraft demonstrated its flight performance beyond reaching steady-state conditions.

New HP robotic solution for autonomous construction layout

The robot improves productivity by as much as ten times.

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