Thursday, May 19, 2022


FedEx to test autonomous drone cargo delivery next year

FedEx and Elroy Air work to launch test flights aimed at middle-mile delivery in 2023.

Spot robot dog to inspect ancient Italian city’s streets

The robot will investigate tunnels dug by illegal relic hunters, which are causing structural issues.

Kinova Link 6, a new-gen robust, industrial collaborative robot

The new generation industrial robot is designed for all businesses looking to benefit from automation.

DJI’s new Matrice 30 Enterprise drone designed to fly in harsh conditions

The new DJI Matrice 30 is a mighty, versatile, transportable commercial drone.

Magnetic tentacle robot small enough to explore the lungs

The robot can reach some of the smallest bronchial tubes in the lungs to take tissue samples and deliver drugs.

Chipotle’s Chippy kitchen robot uses AI to make tortilla chips

Chipotle leverages Miso Robotics to innovate its culinary process for tortilla chips.

MIT’s Mini Cheetah robot run faster than ever

The robot learns to run entirely by trial and error in simulation.

Ford uses mobile robots to operate 3D printers without human help

Ford operates 3D printers autonomously, increasing throughput and reducing cost of custom-printed products.

New iCub 3 avatar system enables users to visit Venice from kilometers away

Feeling and moving in a place without being there is the main goal of the new iCub robot telexistence system.

Kawasaki unveils Bex robotic goat that people can ride

Bex features a set of wheels on its knees that allows it to move faster on smooth surfaces.

Hoverfly-inspired vision system to detect sound of distant drones

The vision system can detect drones’ acoustic signatures from almost four kilometers away.

Robotic patient with facial pain expressions to help train doctors

The robotic patients could help to reduce error and bias during physical examination.

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