Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Researchers teach smart microrobots how to swim and navigate with AI

Smart microswimmers could learn and adapt to changing conditions through artificial intelligence.

New hand prosthesis powered and controlled by user’s breathing

New air-powered hand provides a lightweight, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use body-powered prosthetic option.

Advanced sensors could transform prosthetics and robotic limbs

New project aims to develop sensors that provide enhanced capabilities to robots.

Boots completes UK’s first drone delivery of prescription medicines

Boots is working with medical drone startup Apian to facilitate a trial.

Rice engineers transform dead spiders into necrobotic grippers

The necrobotic spider is capable of grasping objects with irregular geometries.

Alphabet’s Wing unveils fleet of new delivery drones for variety of payloads

The drone fleet is supposed to revolutionize the movement of goods around the cities.

Engineers develop new smart textiles using artificial muscle fibers

New shape-shifting material can move like a robot.

Engineers teach a robot to imagine itself, become self-aware

Columbia Engineers build a robot that learns to understand itself rather than the world around it.

Fully autonomous drone system for search and rescue operations at sea

Drone systems working together have the potential to save more lives.

Bees’ waggle dance inspires alternative visual communication system for robots

New technology could prove invaluable when network coverage is unreliable or absent, such as in disaster zones.

Light-activated fish robot swims around picking up microplastics

These tiny robots swim around quickly, picking up and removing microplastics from the environment.

A swarm of tiny swimming robots could look for signs of alien life

The concept would allow potential planetary missions to chase interesting clues in subsurface oceans.

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