Monday, February 6, 2023


New three-leg robot to transport weights, manipulate components in Space

Researchers have recently realized a new prototype robotic platform for space applications.

Inchworm-inspired gelbots move without batteries

Creators at Johns Hopkins envision 'gelbots' crawling through human bodies to deliver medicine.

Marine fossil-sorting robots to help researchers study oceans, climate

The robot is capable of sorting, manipulating, and identifying microscopic marine fossils.

Impossible Metals successfully tests its seabed mining AUV concept

Successful proof of concept for sustainable seabed mining of critical minerals with Eureka 1 AUV.

Soft robots can detect the damage and self-heal on the spot

Soft robots can detect when and where it was damaged – and then heal itself on the spot.

Microrobots can restructure materials on a microscopic level

The researchers' microrobots use physical intelligence to exert control over nearby objects.

Collective swimming of multiple robots for transportation of microplastics

Multiple swimming robots able to create a vortex for transportation of microplastics.

Novel soft robotic droplet manipulator for hazardous liquid cleanup

The droplet manipulator can work with a variety of different liquids.

This low-cost robotic dog can walk on almost any terrain

This little robot can go almost anywhere.

Butterfly bot is a fast and efficient soft robotic swimmer

The robot can achieve a swimming speed close to five times faster than the fastest similar soft swimmers.

Soft robotic microfinger allows humans to directly interact with insects

This could enable human-environment interaction at previously inaccessible scales.

Dronamics seeks hydrogen fuel-cell technology for long-range cargo drone

Hydrogen fuel-cell technology can open up the possibility of zero-emissions aviation.

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