Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Bio-inspired robot dog runs almost entirely on its own

Once set in motion, the quadruped robot dog can run without assistance or motors.

Meet PIBOT, the world’s first humanoid pilot

The humanoid robot can understand manuals written in natural language and fly a plane on its own.

Xiaomi launches more intelligent, lifelike CyberDog 2

The robot comes packed with sensors and can still do backflips.

Robotic sea turtle mimics a real sea turtle’s propulsion

These baby sea turtle robots can be used to safely guide sea turtle hatchlings to the ocean.

SandStorm, an advanced solar panel cleaning robot

The solar panels can be cleaned – at low cost – every day, minimizing soiling.

DJI Air 3, a new cinematic drone with dual-4k-camera and long range

The drone is the perfect all-rounder for your outdoor adventures.

An astronaut aboard the ISS controls a robot team on Earth

From the ISS, NASA astronaut Frank Rubio simultaneously controlled several robots on Earth.

Scientists developed new robot medics to go where doctors can’t

A robotic vehicle capable of carrying out vital medical triage in high-risk emergency environments.

Meet Unitree Go2, GPT and AI-powered four-legged robodog

This product is expected to revolutionize the consumer-grade quadruped robots’ industry

Spherical cage-like robot can roll in any direction and fly like a multi-copter

HMR robot can safely fly in confined and complex spaces without the fear of crashing.

MicroNeuro, the world’s first flexible robotic system for neurosurgery

MicroNeuro can reduce brain tissue damage by at least 50%.

New ROSE robot can grasp any object without damaging it

The soft robot hand wraps around and grabs things.

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