Sunday, April 2, 2023


New method efficiently converts sewage sludge to biogas

The advance could help communities lower their waste treatment costs while helping the environment.

Transparent window coating can cool buildings without using energy

Reducing energy consumption would also be an effective way to reduce emissions.

Smart windows could offer a low-energy, green alternative to Wi-Fi

New smart glass system uses sunlight to replace traditional Wi-Fi.

Simple, reusable material could scrub carbon dioxide from power plant smokestacks

An easily synthesized chemical filter could stop greenhouse gases from reaching the atmosphere.

Small domes on drone wing help it sense danger faster

Small domes on your soda's to-go cup lid may one day save a winged drone from a nosedive.

Thin film accelerates plant growth by converting Sun’s UV light to red light

This technology has the potential to help address global food supply issues.

Engineers design AI material that can learn behaviors over time

The material also adapts to changing external conditions.

Researchers transform discarded face masks into Ethernet cable

This new green chemistry could be used to upcycle materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

This textile embedded with tiny solar cells can charge your phone

It could be used as clothing that will be able to power devices through solar energy.

Edible, self-powered sensor warns if frozen food has previously thawed

The sensor triggers color changes to indicate food products are defrosting.

Onshore algae farms could help solve future global food production problems

Onshore algae farms could feed much of the world while also improving environmental sustainability.

Wax worm saliva contains enzymes able to degrade plastics in just hours

The discovery opens up an array of applications for treating or recycling plastic waste.

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