Saturday, July 2, 2022


Solar nanowire-nanotube filter can efficiently purify water

The new water purification filter offers easy access to clean drinking water.

Sunflower pollen-based paper that you can print on and unprint

The recyclable pollen-based paper that, after being printed on, can be erased and reused multiple times.

New technique uses waste plastic to capture carbon dioxide emissions

The technique turns waste plastic into an effective carbon dioxide (CO2) sorbent for industry.

IAAC students design Solar Greenhouse for food and energy production

The greenhouse can be installed both in rural areas and on roofs of urban building spaces.

Concrete made from recycled tires can be a safe, green alternative

By recycling end-of-life tires in concrete, the current tire landfill problem can also be partially resolved.

Food processing wastewater can serve as fertilizer in seaweed cultivation

Process water from the food industry is an excellent fertilizer in land-based seaweed cultivation.

Meet Subnado, the world’s smallest and lightest underwater scooter

With a diameter similar to that of a Coke bottle, it fits easily into a backpack.

Students develop an inexpensive filter to remove lead from tap water

An inexpensive new filter attaches to a faucet and removes lead from tap water.

Goo made from okra can remove microplastics from water

New plant-based method could be a non-toxic and sustainable alternative to remove microplastics from wastewater.

UK-based startup designs new shields that make you invisible

Engineers develop an 'invisibility shield' that can hide objects by bending light.

The Cryptide Sneaker – Fully SLS 3D printed Shoe

The creature-like footwear is specifically designed to be laser sintered on the Sintratec S2 System.

Converting carbon dioxide into fuel using solar energy

New carbon capture method uses the Sun's energy to capture greenhouse gases and convert them into fuel.

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