Monday, December 5, 2022


World’s whitest paint is now thin and light enough to use on airplanes or cars

It is thinner and lighter than ever, ideal for radiating heat away from cars, trains, and airplanes.

Meet Salmon Eye, a floating exhibition space that resembles a fish eye

It is a spectacular floating aquaculture visitor and learning center in Norway.

Lignin could help obtain a complete bio-based jet fuel

Catalytic process with lignin could enable 100% sustainable aviation fuel.

New wearable device can monitor cancer tumor size in real-time

It represents a new, faster, and more accurate approach to screening cancer drugs.

New energy harvester produces electricity when repeatedly stretched

Stretching a coiled carbon nanotube yarn can produce electricity when repeatedly stretched.

New electrochemical system converts captured CO2 into ethylene

The net negative system is first to achieve nearly 100% utilization of CO2 to produce hydrocarbons.

New method turns 3D-printed polymer into 100-times stronger microlattice material

New method converts 3D-printed polymer into a 100-times stronger, ductile hybrid carbon microlattice material.

Krill-inspired dynamic facades could reduce building’s heating and cooling costs

The low-cost system could help buildings save energy by dynamically changing the appearance of their exteriors.

Engineers develop novel material that can think and sense

The soft, polymer material acts like a brain, simultaneously sensing, thinking, and acting.

Nontoxic material harvests sunlight using extremely thin layers

It can absorb comparable levels of sunlight as conventional silicon solar cells.

Used masks and gloves can be recycled to make stronger concrete

Shredded PPE could increase the strength of concrete by up to 22% and improve resistance to cracking.

Researchers invent invisible coating that makes wood “fireproof”

"Fire-proofing" wood and yet retaining the natural aesthetics of wood grain is now possible.

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