Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Next-gen wireless technology may leverage the human body for energy

Researchers use the human body to harvest waste energy to power wearable devices.

New method turns plastic waste into potentially valuable soil additive

UCR method creates useful char from plastic and corn waste

Acer’s new bike desk uses rider’s pedaling power to charge devices

The bike desk allows you to work, exercise, and generate your own clean electricity all at once.

Solar-powered artificial leaf harvests hydrogen fuel from thin air

Solar-powered artificial leaf extract water from air to produce hydrogen fuel when exposed to sunlight.

New water purification tech removes 99.9% of microplastics in 10 seconds

The technology can completely remove phenolic organic contaminants in water at ultra-high speeds.

Quicker and easier nanofiber spinning method inspired by silkworms

Mimicking the seemingly simple head bobbing of silkworms to create uniform micro- and nanofibers.

Exploring improved applications for carbon fibers in concrete

Carbon concrete is considered to be the building material of the future.

Sharkskin technology helps airlines save fuel and reduce emissions

The thin film on the plane's surfaces reduces drag while adding very little weight.

New method to destroy toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

A new technique can break down 95% of toxic "forever chemicals" in water.

Renewable biosolvents help clean up the manufacture of solar panels

Enhancing organic solar cells' green glow!

New biobatteries power ingestible cameras in the small intestine

Capsule-sized ingestible biobatteries could allow a new view of digestive system.

Harvesting electricity from wood soaking in water

Scientists managed to harvest electricity by passing water through refined wood.

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