Sunday, July 3, 2022


Self-charging battery harvests energy from the humidity in the air

New battery tech can create electricity from moisture in the air and self-charge itself within minutes.

Fraunhofer’s smart screw warns when it starts to loosen

This increases safety and reduces the time and effort spent on inspections.

Recycled soot coating offers high solar-to-heat-conversion efficiency

Researchers used the soot to produce a paste-like coating with high solar-to-heat-conversion efficiency.

Used face masks could be used to create stronger, more durable concrete

Adding tiny mask fibers to cement concrete can strengthen it and prevent its cracking.

Researchers develop a longer-lasting, biofriendly anti-freezing coating

There is a potential to use anti-icing sprays in agriculture to prevent crops from being ruined by severe frost.

Plastic-eating enzymes can break down plastics in as little as 24 hours

A new plastic-eating enzyme could eliminate billions of tons of landfill waste.

Robotic actuators could make spacesuits more comfortable and safer

It could make spacesuits more accommodating and resourceful for future planetary missions.

SOURCE Hydropanels make clean drinking water out of thin air

This sustainable water technology represents a proven path to low-cost, safe, renewable drinking water.

NASA’s new alloy 1000 times more durable than current aerospace alloy

New metal alloys deliver enhanced mechanical properties at extreme temperatures.

Japanese researchers develop electric chopsticks to make food taste saltier

This technology may prove helpful for people trying to or need to maintain a low-sodium diet.

Brilliant Planet’s massive algae farms could sequester carbon at gigaton scale

New affordable method could permanently and quantifiably sequester carbon at the gigaton scale.

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