Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Blue Origin’s technology can make solar cells out of lunar dirt

The goal is to one day make human outposts on the Moon possible.

Smart neck-worn device to help you stop smoking

Looks like jewelry, but it's tracking your every puff.

Vestas unveils circularity solution to keep turbine blades out of landfills

Vestas figured out how to recycle all wind turbine blades - even ones already sitting in landfills.

BMW again reduces its vehicle fleet CO2 emissions in 2022

A year-on-year reduction of more than nine percent is expected.

Chameleon-like building material changes color to save energy

New smart material lets us maintain the temperature in a building without huge amounts of energy.

Rust-busting invention extends MXene battery lifetime by three times

MXenes open up a whole range of possible technological applications in the future.

Flexible sensor strips help reduce aircraft fuel consumption

Stretched over the wings, the modules collect operating data in flight.

Bacteria eat and actually digest plastic

Bacteria really eat plastic!

Converting abandoned mines into gravity batteries

New technique turns decommissioned mines into long-term energy storage solutions.

Researchers find a way to recycle previously unrecyclable plastic

The discovery promises to make plastic recycling much easier and more productive in the future.

Form Energy to set up its iron-air battery manufacturing plant in West Virginia

Novel iron-air technology promises to outperform lithium big battery projects at 10% of the cost.

Solar-powered reactor converts plastic waste and CO2 into sustainable fuels

The new system can convert two waste streams into two chemical products at the same time.

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