Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Artificial leaf harvests energy from wind and raindrops simultaneously

The device can create enough electricity to light up LED lights and power itself.

Tiny pH sensor tells when food has spoiled in real-time

Forget expiration dates!

New process could capture around 0.5% of global carbon emissions

The research will allow direct gas capture of CO2 from hard-to-decarbonize industries.

New polymer coating could enhance lithium-ion battery performance

It could enable longer-lasting, more powerful lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

New soil moisture sensor helps farmers conserve precious water

MOF-based soil moisture monitoring device is a step toward precision irrigation.

New bioplastic straws don’t get soggy but still biodegrade

This starchy bioplastic could make soggy paper straws a thing of the past.

Turning fruit waste into useful materials for water purification

Researchers claim their synthesis process is three times cheaper than commercial methods.

New technology turns creamy moisturizer into a dry piece of paper

The technology could dramatically reduce both its carbon footprint and packaging waste.

New anti-dust technology paves the way for self-cleaning surfaces

The new technology could make many types of materials dust resistant.

Smart wearable device to sense when your voice needs a break

Singers, politicians, teachers, and coaches could benefit from new smart technology.

Stretchable electronic devices could soon be assembled like Lego bricks

'Lego-like' universal connector makes assembling stretchable devices a snap!

Blue Origin’s technology can make solar cells out of lunar dirt

The goal is to one day make human outposts on the Moon possible.

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