Saturday, May 28, 2022


Roads built with recycled rubber tires could last twice as long

Researchers discovered the perfect blend that is both UV resistant and withstands traffic loads.

Wood-based foam keeps buildings cooler, cuts energy bills

The new lightweight foam could reduce buildings' cooling energy needs by more than a third.

Fast, efficient fluorine-based desalination membrane to purify saltwater

Fluorous nanochannels work faster, require less pressure and less energy, and are a more effective filter.

Researchers turn urine and industrial sludge into eco-friendly biocement

The biocement is made entirely from waste materials, making it even greener and more sustainable alternative.

Self-charging battery harvests energy from the humidity in the air

New battery tech can create electricity from moisture in the air and self-charge itself within minutes.

Fraunhofer’s smart screw warns when it starts to loosen

This increases safety and reduces the time and effort spent on inspections.

Recycled soot coating offers high solar-to-heat-conversion efficiency

Researchers used the soot to produce a paste-like coating with high solar-to-heat-conversion efficiency.

Used face masks could be used to create stronger, more durable concrete

Adding tiny mask fibers to cement concrete can strengthen it and prevent its cracking.

Researchers develop a longer-lasting, biofriendly anti-freezing coating

There is a potential to use anti-icing sprays in agriculture to prevent crops from being ruined by severe frost.

Plastic-eating enzymes can break down plastics in as little as 24 hours

A new plastic-eating enzyme could eliminate billions of tons of landfill waste.

Robotic actuators could make spacesuits more comfortable and safer

It could make spacesuits more accommodating and resourceful for future planetary missions.

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