Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Concrete using 100% recycled tire-rubber promises a circular economy

The new greener and lighter concrete promise to reduce manufacturing and transportation costs significantly.

Shrimp shell nanoparticles make for significantly stronger cement

It could lead to reduced seafood waste and lower carbon emissions from concrete production.

Microbial biofilm produces long-term, continuous electricity from your sweat

The biofilm harvests the energy in evaporation and converts it to electricity to power your wearables.

An edible QR code detects fake whiskey and medications

A QR code could reveal if the whiskey you want to buy is fake.

Porous silicon material for ultra-pure hydrogen production and storage

The material generates green hydrogen with volumetric energy density at 140 kg/m³.

New health monitoring wearable that operates without a battery

It can keep track of a wearer's pulse and wirelessly communicate with a nearby smartphone or tablet.

Novel material converts infrared light into renewable energy

The material can emit, detect, and modulate infrared light with high efficiencies.

Using microbes to make highly energy-dense rocket fuels

A new class of energy-dense biofuels based on one of nature's most unique molecules.

Plant waste removes heavy metals from contaminated water

The filter can be used to filter any sorts of heavy metals and also organic pollutants.

New, PET-like plastic degrades into sugars in the environment

The new plastic is easily made from the non-edible parts of plants.

Biogenic limestone-based cement promises carbon-zero buildings

Researchers figured out a way to make cement production carbon neutral - and even carbon negative.

Continental tires made from recycled PET bottles available across Europe

Continental tires with ContiRe.Tex-technology can now be ordered by dealers across Europe.

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