Sunday, December 4, 2022


Novel bulk metal alloy boasts the largest tensile elastic strain at room temperature

New alloy showed a large elastic limiting strain greater than 4.3%.

Magnetic material rapidly removes hazardous microplastics from water

A cost-effective way to rapidly remove hazardous microplastics from water using magnets.

Researchers develop new wood-based degradable plastic

The new material could enable circular home furnishings and building materials.

Low-cost sensor records the level of rivers around the clock

The cost-effective sensor is suitable for area-wide flood warning systems.

Smart plastic could lead to more flexible electronics and robotics

Novel material can be manipulated to be soft and stretchy or hard and rigid using only light and a catalyst.

Converting waste paper into crucial component of lithium-ion batteries

NTU researchers turned paper waste into battery parts for smartphones and electric vehicles.

SharkGuard electrical device reduces bycatch of endangered sharks

The gadget can drastically cut the number of sharks and stingrays caught accidentally on fishing lines.

SuperGPS, an alternative positioning system with 10-centimeter accuracy

New navigation system is more robust and accurate than GPS, especially in urban settings.

Stretchable battery packaging with moisture and gas barrier for wearable devices

New stretchable batteries can withstand stretching of more than 50%.

Egg-based aerogel can cheaply remove microplastics from seawater

Egg whites can be transformed into a material capable of filtering water.

New method efficiently converts sewage sludge to biogas

The advance could help communities lower their waste treatment costs while helping the environment.

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