Ugandan startup transforms banana waste into textiles, carpets

Natural banana fiber is used to produce eco-friendly items such as carpets, biodegradable hair extensions.

Young inventor recycles discarded PPE kits, face masks into eco-friendly bricks

Binish Desai is already known as the "recycle man of India" for creating a brick made of scraps of paper.

Low-cost water filter uses sunlight to produce clean drinking water

Pufferfish-inspired device soaks up water but leaves contaminants - like lead, oil, and pathogens - behind.

Lightweight, sustainable 3D-printed beams assemble like LEGO blocks

These more sustainable 3D-printed beams weigh up to 80% less than standard concrete beams.

GoRolloe, a bicycle wheel that filters outdoor air pollution

Filters to purify the air are inserted directly into the bicycle wheels.

Oonee Mini pod promises 10 bike parking spaces in place of one car

The secure bike parking spaces can help get rid of any parking woes and bike theft.

Henry Glogau’s Solar Desalination Skylight provides free lighting and drinking water

It emits a natural light, produces drinking water, and utilizes leftover salt brine for energy creation.

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