Sunday, February 25, 2024


Semi-transparent solar cells help plants in greenhouse grow better

Advance can simultaneously benefit energy generation and crop production.

Sinopec launches world’s largest green hydrogen coal-chemical project

The Project will utilize the rich solar and wind energy resources to produce green hydrogen directly.

Producing green hydrogen directly from untreated seawater

Researchers have successfully split seawater without pre-treatment to produce green hydrogen.

Transitus Energy partners with Proteum to produce low-carbon hydrogen

The collaboration will accelerate the UK's and Europe's transition to a clean energy economy.

Sound waves boost production of green hydrogen by 14 times

The invention offers a promising way to tap into a plentiful supply of cheap hydrogen fuel.

FFI and PSE partner to explore green hydrogen development

FFI plans to repurpose coal infrastructure for green hydrogen production in North America.

DFC helps HDF Energy develop green hydrogen power plants in Indonesia

Renewstable plants produce entirely non-intermittent, renewable, and dispatchable electricity 24/7.

Europe’s largest battery energy storage system goes live

The battery system can hold enough electricity to power 300,000 homes for two hours.

Light-powered catalyst makes hydrogen energy from pungent gas

New method for petrochemical refineries to turn a smelly byproduct into cash.

New direct air electrolyzer generates green hydrogen from thin air

The device produces hydrogen without consuming freshwater resources.

Ohmium to provide green hydrogen to Tarafert for ammonia production

It will provide 343 megawatts of green Hydrogen electrolyzers to Tarafert.

Drift Energy’s ‘flying yacht’ can produce green hydrogen at sea

Breakthrough in new renewable energy class as 'flying yacht' produces green hydrogen in a world first.

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