Thursday, March 23, 2023

Emerging Tech

Northrop Grumman test fire the Sentinel stage-one solid rocket motor

The motor met performance parameters and objectives within expected ranges.

Airbus to build Angolan Earth observation satellite Angeo-1

It will become the most advanced satellite in its class in the region.

U.S. Air Force awards Boeing E-7A prototype contract

The DAF selected the E-7A to replace the E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System.

Researchers delve into the role of water in PEM fuel cells

Liquid water generation and transport are analyzed in a single-channel straight fuel cell.

Novel method automatically monitors rotor blade manufacturing process

It allows for checking the alignment of the lower glass fiber layers in a non-destructive and automated manner.

Channeling ions improves the viability of perovskite solar cells

This paves the way for a new gen of lighter, more flexible, and more efficient solar cell technologies.

Rolls-Royce begins testing F130 engines for the U.S. B-52 fleet

F130 engines were selected to replace existing engines as part of the B-52 modernization program.

New membrane can simultaneously generate electricity and purify wastewater

Water quality improvement and continuous electricity generation using a simple operation method.

BAE unveils a low-cost air-launched precision-guided munition

It could deliver a powerful and affordable battlefield strike capability for users globally.

RadioGPT, the world’s first 100% AI-driven radio content

AI-driven radio hosts use artificial intelligence to play music and narrate news for listeners.

Fervo Energy to develop integrated geothermal and direct air capture facility

Next-generation technology will power carbon dioxide removal with clean energy.

BAE Systems unveils STRIX hybrid VTOL uncrewed air system

A new, hybrid, tandem wing, multi-domain, and multi-role uncrewed air system.

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