Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Emerging Tech

European farmland could be biggest global reservoir of microplastics

Farmlands across Europe are potentially the biggest global reservoir of microplastics.

Portable MRI system for early detection of sports-related injuries

The system provides a convenient means of early detection and treatment of injuries.

AFRL’s torpedo-like guided bomb successfully destroys a surface vessel

The team demonstrated a new low-cost, air-delivered capability for defeating maritime threats.

Hyundai to design and build Ultimate Mobility Vehicles in Bozeman

The new facility will support prototyping, field testing, and application development for UMVs.

New battery design provides low-cost, long-term energy storage

The dual membrane battery design could provide the key to low-cost, long-term energy storage.

BAE Systems unveils compact HUD for commercial and military aircraft

New LiteWave HUD can be fitted in aircraft with even the most limited cockpit space.

Rocket Lab catches rocket booster mid-air with helicopter

The mission deployed 34 satellites to orbit.

MIT’s portable device makes seawater drinkable without filters

The desalination unit turns seawater into clean drinking water with the push of a button.

Boeing unveils first T-7A Red Hawk trainer jet for the U.S. Air Force

The aircraft will replace the Northrop T-38 trainer, which has been in service for half a century.

GE hopes to 3D print concrete bases for extra tall wind-turbine towers

Printing concrete bases of the tall wind turbine towers on-site will help to lower costs for the industry.

New hydrogen fuel cell uses iron instead of rare and expensive platinum

A cheaper hydrogen fuel cell could mean better green energy options.

Researchers build world’s smallest energy powered gear wheel

The nano gear unit is the first that can also be actively controlled and driven.

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