Thursday, December 8, 2022

Emerging Tech

EWE and TES plan to design and build a 500MW electrolyzer in Germany

The electrolyser is to be installed and operated starting in 2028.

Royal Navy’s HMS Glasgow enters the water for the first time

The first Type 26 City Class frigate, HMS Glasgow, has begun the float-off process.

New technique allows embroidering power-generating yarns onto fabric

The technique offers a low-cost, scalable potential method for making wearable devices.

Seaweed-based materials pave the way for greener, more efficient energy storage

It also allows for greater storage capacity and efficiency, increasing the lifetime of the batteries.

Stretchy synaptic transistors can enhance, weaken device memories

Robotics and wearable devices might soon get a little smarter.

Japan abandons hope for its historic first lunar landing attempt

Japanese space agency unable to fix communications link to tiny moon lander.

Morand’s eTechnology promises 72-second electric vehicle charging

The ultra-fast rechargeable battery pack has the potential to revolutionize mobility.

Europe’s largest battery energy storage system goes live

The battery system can hold enough electricity to power 300,000 homes for two hours.

Powin and BlackRock begin working on the world’s largest battery

The world's largest battery-powered by U.S.-based Powin has kicked off execution in Australia.

Adhesive tape-based nanogenerator can light several hundred LEDs

Generating electricity from tacky double-sided store-bought tape!

New technique directly prints flexible circuits on curved surfaces

It paves the way for a variety of new soft electronic technologies, from contact lenses to latex gloves.

Iron-based cathode achieves record performance for protonic ceramic fuel cells

It marks a significant step forward in commercialization of this promising renewable energy technology.

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