Monday, May 27, 2024

CarAIDE: Handheld jump starter with in-built emergency tools

We all have experienced the pain of dead car batteries when we are on the road. Especially in the cold when we have to rush to the work, the dead car batteries don’t allow the car to start. The only choices remain in front of you are find someone to give you a jump or call a cab and wait for it.

Also, you need to carry jumper cables, emergency triangles, flares, flashlights, compass, and more to help yourself when you struck into unexpected things like accidents, flood, cold, etc.

But that’s no longer necessary now. All thanks to the new technologies developed. There is just a single tool that you need is ‘The CarAIDE Multi-functional tool’.

It looks just like a flashlight and fits into your hand easily. Its compact ergonomic design allows it to fit in your glove box, console or door pocket. Now, forget those bulky and awkward battery-powered jump starters.

CarAIDE: jump starter with emergency tools
CarAIDE: jump starter with emergency tools

All you need to do is hook the positive and negative terminals of the CarAIDE multi-tool 3S to your car battery, turn the key, and your car is all set to start.

It supports the vehicles having a 12V battery which includes most cars and light pickups. It can start your car, as long as it has at least 50% charging.

The mega light shines up to 230 meters or 755feet. Including the mega light, it provides a beam light, SOS light, and emergency flasher to help you keep safe on the road.

CarAIDE: jump starter with emergency tools
CarAIDE: jump starter with emergency tools

What’s more the CarAIDE have?

It is not just a car starter but packed with many other important features also. It can charge your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In a single charge, its 8000mAh battery can provide three times full charge to your iPhone.

Its shell is solid and slip-resistant which is made with the best aluminum alloy in the market. This makes CarAIDE the ideal tool to have it in an emergency. You can break the glass using it when your car going underwater and come out safely.

It has three reflective bands that help you to find it in the dark. You might need to cut your seatbelt in emergencies. With CarAIDE you can cut the seatbelt quickly and safely.

CarAIDE: reflective bands
CarAIDE: reflective bands

One more amazing feature loaded in it is its anti-theft alarm. So, you do not have to worry about carjackings or purse snatchers. It also features a handy compass. In case you ever get lost and your GPS is not working, the compass will help you.

Moreover, it comes with a convenient magnet button. The button will help you to position it on any metal surface of the car. This will help you stay hand free if you have to check under the hood or change a tire in the dark.

Its working temperature is between -20-degree C to 6-degree C. The device is water, dust and shock resistant.