Tuesday, December 11, 2018

CANNY Smartplug: The world’s first multifunctional smartplug

You can now control all the appliances in your home more conveniently than ever. A team of innovators has developed CANNY Smartplug. This device is small and precise, featuring all the functionalities and sensors you need to turn your home into a truly smart space.

CANNY Smartplug is an elegant, affordably priced wi-fi plug with numerous sensors, unconventional control, and user-friendly programming.

If you wish to control appliances from your smartphone and not at hand, CANNY Smartplug offers PC, smartwatch and even TV remote control as well. Configure in seconds the combination of selected sensors and timers via in-built graphical application programming and let the plug switch the appliances on and off automatically as per your wishes.

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Five most important pillars canny stands on

  1. Control the way you want to
  2. User-friendly in-app programming
  3. No more central hub
  4. Convenient, built-in sensors
  5. Easy, affordable alternative to smart systems

Because of its compact and modern design, CANNY Smartplug will not block adjacent sockets, so you can convert everyday appliances to smart devices without any disruption.

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Switching on the terrace lightening when it gets dark and with at least one person present, setting the mood directly from your couch via TV remote, switching on the coffee machine as soon as your smartwatch detects you are awake, automatic switching your heater on once the room temperature falls under specified, remote switching off the iron that you left switched on, and much more in your control.

Everything is now possible with this new device.

CANNY Smartplug is the smart plug that gives you easy, simple control over all your electronic appliances directly through your smartphone, tablet, smart remote control, or wearable device.

It enables you to control all your devices; coffee machines, jug kettles, lamps, moistening appliances, heaters, irons, TV sets, and more devices, directly via your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or even TV remote control.


Cutting-Edge Control – Wherever you are, you can turn your devices on and off using a free app for IOS, Android, MAC, or Windows.

Automate Your Household, Automate Your Life – Forget all about switching lights on and off. You can create your own plan and define your sensors however you want them to work for you.

Simple Installation – CANNY Smartplug is easy to set up. You turn the smart plug on, pair the application with it, and set up everything in the CANNY app.

Modern and Effective Design – CANNY Smartplug is compact and intelligently-designed, and it will never block adjacent sockets.

Monitor in Real Time – Can’t remember if you turned an appliance on? Want to change the temperature, monitor movements, or turn something off? You can do so remotely and in real time.

Device Statuses – Find out if there is anybody in the room, what the temperature is, what the moisture level is, and how intense lighting is in the space. You can do all this and more in the CANNY app.

User-friendly programming – CANNY Smartplug programming does not require deep technical skills. User programming is simple to pick up.

How does it work?

Connect CANNY Smartplug into your electrical network, download the application and choose “Add new device,” and after entering your wi-fi network password, just click on the “Pair” button.

Click on “Rules” in the application, select the light sensor, and set up your first condition; value when the plug switches on, then set up the second condition, the lighting level at which it switches off.

After pairing the app with your smartwatch in conditions, choose what the plug should perform when each button is pressed. In the app, you can set up how the lights should react in case a movement is detected in the room.

Take your TV remote control, pick the unused button, and set up what the plug should perform after pressing the button.

Setup the mutual influence between the two independent devices. Once the first plug switches on, the second one does the same based on the proximity sensor activity.



Protection policy for CANNY Smartplug

Remote control:

  • To remotely control and monitor the status of the sensor over the internet
  • Switched off by default, a user can enable or disable it in the settings anytime he wishes to
  • Communication to the server is encrypted


  • For allowing other users to control your CANNY Smartplug
  • Switched off by default
  • Cloud account to be created in the CANNY app does not use any sensitive personal data or any household name (the password is enough)
  • Communication with the cloud is encrypted

Firmware over the air:

  • For updating CANNY Smartplug firmware (new functions, bug fixing, etc.)
  • Switched off by default, a user can activate or deactivate it in the settings at any time
  • No personal data to be sent out and in

Security and privacy morals

In case the user does not trust anything connected to the internet, CANNY Smartplug can be used to almost fully within the user’s home wi-fi network, that is with no connection to the internet. What is more, after configuration and program setup is made, CANNY Smartplug is able to work in autonomy mode without connection to wi-fi at all.


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