Monday, December 11, 2023

First real-flame candle that is lit remotely by your smartphone

The connected home is the next frontier that users will have to face. Gradually, devices are integrated into the IoT catalog that is changing our way of life. And now, we have an almost infinite range of connected devices to control at any time and from anywhere.

One more addition to the category is the new Candle Touch, the world’s first smart connected real-flame candle that we can control with the mobile that has been presented at Kickstarter.

Of course, there are already many artificial candles that are activated with the mobile, but they are simple lights that simulate the flame. Whereas, Candle Touch is a “traditional” candle with a scented coconut-wax candle body and the real flame of fire, which is lit remotely with a mobile app via Bluetooth.

With a single tap on your smartphone, you can now light-up a real scented candle that will ignite magically.
With a single tap on your smartphone, you can now light-up a real scented candle that will ignite magically.

The “Candle Touch” candle has its core in the base, which contains the rechargeable battery along with the rest of the electronic components. When it receives the ignition order from the phone, the battery heats the coil, which ignites the cotton wick.

This connected real-flame candle allows up to 40 hours of use with a single wax unit. It utilizes Bluetooth 5.0, which provides a range of up to a maximum of 18 meters. The app lights up to 10 different candles and also has a function that reminds you to turn off the candle when the time you set the alarm passes. With the app, we can even set a password to prevent unauthorized use.

Candle Touch Specification
Candle Touch Specification

The advantage of this system is obvious: you avoid having to use lighters or matches, and you save burns. Also, you don’t have to light the candles one by one, if you use many.

It is also available in 9 different fragrances: such as Black Amber and Oak, Avocado and Mint, White tea and Ginger, and many other combinations. They are, therefore, scented candles that are used to meditate, to do yoga, or simply to set a house.

The Candle Touch project has already raised the expected amount on its Kickstarter campaign. If you are interested, you can get the one at a price of $49.