Cake Ösa, a modular electric two-wheeler with more than 1,000 configurations

Cake, a Swedish company, dedicated to the manufacture of light electric motorcycles with off-road performance, has introduced the Ösa, a modular electric motorcycle that stands out especially for its versatility.

The motorcycle has been designed to adapt to the specific needs of each customer, so it offers over 1,000 potential configurations. This very bare and metallic look was already found in the Kalk model, a 79 kg motocross for the city, racing and off-road capable of reaching 90 km/h.

A modular electric motorcycle

Depending on our work and our hobbies, each of us has different transportation needs, and with Ösa, Cake has wanted to offer the perfect solution for each person.

The new two-wheeled multi-configuration Ösa looks like a "walking toolbox".
The new two-wheeled multi-configuration Ösa looks like a “walking toolbox”.

The new two-wheeled multi-configuration Ösa looks like a “walking toolbox.” With its long gray crossbar, Ösa is modifiable thanks to the clips that can be hung on it. It is possible to attach baskets, bags, tools, bars, clamps, and other elements as per your need. According to the manufacturer, more than 1000 different configurations possible.

While we agree that its design is not the most attractive that can be expected, the performance of this electric motorcycle is the most interesting. In addition to being a modular model, the vehicle is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and quiet.

Available in two versions

The Ösa Lite puts working bench & the power station on wheels.
The Ösa Lite puts the working bench & the power station on wheels.

Depending on the needs of the customer, the two-wheeler will be available in two versions – Ösa Lite and Ösa+. The CAKE Ösa Lite is the lowest performance model of the two that can be configured. It is approved as an electric moped, so you do not need a specific motorcycle license to be driven.

The Ösa Lite reaches a speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and has two battery options, one that offers 75 km (47 miles) of autonomy and the other 120 km (around 75 miles). Its electric motor offers 4 kW of nominal power, although it is capable of reaching up to 10 kW at specific times.

Cake Ösa headlight
Cake Ösa headlight

The CAKE Ösa + is approved as an electric motorcycle, so you need a specific license to drive it. It is the variant of greater power and speed, with an electric motor of 7 kW of nominal power and a 10 kW peak. The Ösa+ can accelerate up to 100 km/h (62 mph) and can also opt for both battery configurations. The 220V charger takes time to recover all battery power in approximately three hours.

Pricing and availability

Optionally it offers an external DC-AC inverter with a power of 1.5 kW, which satisfies all the power supply needs. It allows power tools, speakers, lights, and high power electronic equipment to be fed.

The price of Ösa Lite is 4,500 euros, while that of Ösa Plus amounts to 6,500 euros – the final price depends on your battery size and added equipment. Both can be ordered through the official website of the manufacturer in exchange for a deposit of 200 euros. The shipment of the orders will take place in March 2020.


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